Your Solution to Professional Alcohol Rehabilitation near Gauteng

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre can be your comprehensive solution to professional alcohol rehabilitation near Gauteng. Our alcohol rehabilitation centre offers a holistic approach that considers the entire being as opposed to only focussing on the addiction itself. This allows our patients to truly face and overcome their addiction on their own terms. In this article, we discuss the pitfalls of modern society and how alcohol abuse can lead to the development of a full-blown bodily dependence.

What is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is considered a chronic disease that is characterised by uncontrolled alcohol consumption and preoccupation with alcohol. According to the medical research, AUD refers to the inability to control alcohol consumption because of a physical and emotional dependence on this addictive substance. People who suffer from AUD will consume alcoholic beverages at any given moment or opportunity, no matter the setting, the time of day, or the responsibilities that they must take care of. They will also consume alcoholic beverages despite any prescribed medication or medical state. Therefore, AUD can be a dangerous condition.

Although the medical research believes that such a condition is treatable but cannot be completely cured, we believe that you can overcome alcoholism on your own terms with the corresponding guidance, knowledge, and ideal environment. Living in an environment where most adults consume alcoholic beverages as a leisurely activity within social settings, it can be difficult to avoid exposure to alcohol and the peer pressure of having a drink with the group. People who don’t drink, are usually considered outcasts and judgemental. However, they mostly have valid reasons for not drinking, and should not be ridiculed for it.

The Pitfalls of Modern Society

Within social settings, most South Africans are proud of their ability to “hold their liquor” and see it as something they can brag about and put on display – consuming vast amounts of alcohol for no particular rhyme or reason. This type of behaviour can lead to the development of AUD or alcoholism, which puts an unbearable weight on a person’s back, as they lose control over their lives and become preoccupied with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Such behaviour is destructive and distracting, especially if such a person has a full-time job, parental responsibilities, or any similar daily duties that they must fulfil.

When we go out, meet new people, or celebrate a special occasion or achievement, alcohol is usually involved. This has become the norm of the society that we live in. Even in professional business settings, alcohol consumption is accepted and normalised by the masses. In the end, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is forced onto most people, and only a few can resist peer pressure on such a level. Therefore, exposure to the consumption of alcohol is inevitable. Luckily, if you develop a dependence on alcohol, our alcohol rehabilitation centre near Gauteng can deliver a feasible solution.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s alcohol rehabilitation near Gauteng delivers an empowering and comprehensive approach for people who truly want to overcome their addiction for good. We only admit people on a voluntary basis to ensure that they are willing to learn and walk this path to sober living wellness with us. Our programme consists of 2 phases, with the second phase being completely voluntary and highly recommended for those who successfully completed the first phase.

With our remote location, we are surrounded by mother nature to create an environment that promotes self-healing and self-reflection. This is ideal for people who want to face and overcome their alcohol addiction and find a new path in life – free from the proverbial ties that bind. During our second phase, we shift the focus to social reintegration and how to maintain a life of sobriety as opposed to relapsing and falling back into old and destructive habits. In the end, it comes down to an active choice to stop consuming alcoholic beverages, which will turn into a lifestyle choice over time.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need professional alcohol rehabilitation near Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and premises and contact us directly if you have any questions on how we can assist you to overcome alcohol addiction.

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