Your Solution to a Psychiatric Clinic near Gauteng

Do you struggle with a treatable/curable mental disorder and live in Gauteng? Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution to overcome such a mental disorder and take back control of your life! We are located just a short drive outside Pretoria – next to the Hartbeespoort dam – and surrounded by beautiful mother nature to create an ideal environment for our psychiatric clinic. Our clinic admits people of 16 years and older to our care and could be the professional psychiatric solution that you need in 2023.

Something is Holding Me Back

When it feels like something is holding you back and distracting you from your priorities as an adult, you might be dealing with a mental disorder. Mental disorders come in various types: developmental disorders that have childhood onsets; genetically inherited mental disorders; and mental disorders that manifest themselves as a result of behavioural patterns or experiencing traumatic events. Developmental disorders include ADHD and autism, which could both carry over to adulthood, while genetically inherited disorders include bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Developing a Mental Disorder as a Young or Middle-Aged Adult

Some people live under the impression that they would never need the services of  a professional psychiatric clinic and are immune to mental disorders once they have reached a certain age in life. However, they are still at risk of developing a mental disorder as a result of going through a life-changing event, experiencing trauma, or repeating destructive behavioural patterns. The most common mental disorders in adults are PTSD and clinical depression, with the World Health Organisation underlining the root of the problem when stating that more than 60% of adults are exposed to severe levels of stress and depression.

Clinical depression can be berthed from constant behavioural patterns after experiencing a traumatic event, such as losing a loved one or family member, and refusing to process the loss. This type of mental disorder can put a person’s entire life on hold – leading them down the path of regression, skipping out on work, and turning to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. As a result, such a person falls victim to their own circumstances and becomes trapped in an endless cycle of regression that eventually consumes their entire life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is berthed from experiencing a traumatic and life-threatening event that takes priority over everything else when something triggers a memory of that specific event. PTSD induces severe levels of panic and stress on the mind and body – causing the body to react sporadically and uncharacteristically in response. People who suffer from PTSD are highly advised to seek professional care at a psychiatric clinic.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer a professional psychiatric clinic that can treat curable/treatable mental disorders and give you the reigns back on your own life. Don’t hesitate to seek the professional mental healthcare that you require to get back on that horse and face the world again. Feel free to browse our website for details and contact us directly if you have any enquiries on how we can assist you today.

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