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When you want to break a bad habit and overcome an addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice for people living in and around Gauteng. Our alcohol rehabilitation programme is specifically designed for people who are willing to overcome their addiction for good and find a new way in life. We can assist addicts to forge a path of sober living wellness for their life moving forward and assist them with social reintegration afterwards. In this article, we discuss alcoholism, its causes, and how to truly overcome the challenges of alcohol addiction on your own terms.

Becoming an Addict is Easy

People normally think that their drinking habits are in check, while many adults seek every opportunity to consume alcoholic beverages, whenever they can. This type of behaviour can lead to the development of a full-blown addiction, even though the person might not even realise it. If consuming alcohol becomes a part of your daily routine, you train your brain to become excited for the moment that you consume an alcoholic beverage. This causes a dopamine release in your brain that is your brain’s way of rewarding your behaviour. This only adds fuel to the proverbial fire that is addiction.

Am I Addicted to Alcohol?

Most people who are addicted to alcohol will laugh at the idea of being an addict – claiming that they can stop drinking whenever they want to. These people also love to convince themselves and others around them that they are “functioning alcoholics”, which is a dangerous term, as it validates their addiction and gives them a reason to continue feeding their addiction. These people will blissfully ignore the clear signs of addiction and the sheer impact it has on their lives – continuing down that golden spiral of addiction until the day they hit rock bottom.

If you think that you might be an addict and want to put it to the test, there is a simplistic and clear-cut way to find out. Simply stop consuming any form of alcohol for a couple of days and see how your body and mind respond to the absence of alcohol. If you get cravings and feel a need to consume an alcoholic beverage after a while, you might be an addict. Luckily, our alcohol rehabilitation programme can give you a true shot at overcoming your addiction on your own terms and break the habit for good.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer an alcohol rehabilitation programme that is suited to people who have the will inside them to overcome their addiction. Our rehab centre admits people of 18 years of age and older – strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure their willingness to work towards a life of sober living wellness. The programme is split into 2 distinct phases, with the 2nd phase being completely voluntary.

During the first phase, the patient is educated on the dangers of addiction and the undeniable impact it has on their life – whether they are aware of this or simply choose to ignore it. Our facility is surrounded by mother nature to create a peaceful environment where our patients can find solace and reflect on their lives. This gives them the time of day to focus on their own state of wellbeing without being distracted or seeing to their responsibilities as an adult. In the end, if you truly want to overcome addiction, it must come from yourself. Otherwise, you are bound to relapse and fall back into the endless abyss.

The second phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme puts the focus on social reintegration and maintaining a sober lifestyle, which can be difficult in an environment where peers would still consume alcoholic beverages. Although this phase is voluntary, it is highly recommended for people who want to maintain their sobriety, as this phase equips them to face the world as a sober person as opposed to falling back into old habits.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation for people living in and around Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our services and contact us directly with any questions about our alcohol rehabilitation centre today. Take the helping hand that reaches out to you and free yourself from alcoholism for good.

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