Your First Choice in a Rehab Centre for People in Gauteng

Are you looking for a rehab centre near Gauteng that can give you a real shot at overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction? Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice! We offer a remote location that is just outside Pretoria – next to the Hartbeespoort dam – that is surrounded by mother nature to create an ideal environment that promotes self-reflection and self-healing. Our premises also offer beautiful gardens and outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay with us. Today, we talk about addiction: how it starts and how you can overcome it on your own terms.

The Early Signs of Addiction

People who consume addictive substances are at risk of developing a dependency on these substances. They include nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and prescription medication to only name a few examples of addictive substances that we consume daily. The biggest threat is that you can be addicted to a substance without even knowing it, because of the daily consumption and the dopamine release when consuming that specific substance. As a result, if you think that you are addicted to a specific substance, avoid consuming that specific substance for a while and see how your body and mind react to its absence. If you experience withdrawal symptoms, you have become addicted.

People who are addicts tend to reorganise their priority list so that they can prioritise obtaining and consuming their substance of choice first thing in the morning or at the first opportunity they get to do so. In some cases, this applies to their financial choices as well – buying their addictive substance first and then spending the rest on groceries and other necessities. These are some of the early signs of addiction and can evolve to more drastic and severe symptoms over time. Therefore, it is a wise decision to seek professional rehabilitation at a rehab centre that offers a feasible solution to addicts before it consumes your entire life.

The Danger of Alcohol in Gauteng

Most adults in Gauteng consider drinking alcoholic beverages as a social staple and being able to “hold” their liquor as a bragging right. The problem is that these elements encourage adults to consume more alcoholic beverages, especially within a social setting. Luckily, most young adults are concluding that alcohol is bad for them and are avoiding alcoholic beverages altogether. However, there is still a large group of alcohol consumers who could benefit from a proper rehab centre to help them overcome their addiction for good.

How Can Beethoven Recovery Centre Assist an Addict?

Our rehab centre admits people of 18 years and older to our world-renowned rehabilitation programme. We put the focus on our patients and their needs, which is why our patients undergo a complete evaluation upon admission to accurately tailor our treatment programme to the specific needs of the individual. We believe that every individual is unique and must be treated accordingly to ensure that the patient receives the utmost form of rehabilitation and avoid any relapsing once they leave our care.

Our Programme

Our programme features 2 distinct phases – where the first phase puts the focus on education and ensuring that our patients are equipped to face their addiction and make an active choice to overcome their addiction on their own terms. Our premises play a pivotal role in this phase of the programme, as the beautiful and scenic nature backdrop encourages our patients to reflect on their lives and identify how their addiction has influenced their lives.

The second phase of our programme is completely voluntary and highly recommended for patients who completed the first phase of our programme. The second phase shifts the focus to social reintegration and building a life that is free from addiction and the consumption of addictive substances – a life of sober living wellness. This phase teaches the patient how to maintain such a lifestyle and avoid any relapses in the foreseeable future.

When you need a remotely located rehab centre near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer! We care about our patients and can assist people who are addicted to give them a way out of their addiction and the means to forge a new life that is free from the proverbial ties that bind. Feel free to browse our website for details on our premises and programme and contact us today if you have any enquiries on how we can assist you.

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