Your Definitive Drug Therapy Programme near Gauteng

When you are facing an uphill battle to overcome drug addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution to a professional drug therapy programme near Gauteng! Our programme admits people of 16 years and older, strictly on a voluntary basis. We are located next to the Hartbeespoort dam – surrounded by nature to create a safe and peaceful environment that is perfect for overcoming addiction. Today, we talk about the dangers of drug addiction in a modern world and how people can become addicted without even knowing it.

Addictive Substances – What Should I Know?

Several addictive substances can be found in daily consumables, with some of the most popular substances being caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Other addictive substances can be found in prescription medication and chemical drugs. If you are consuming something that contains an addictive substance, you are at risk of developing a substance addiction. In most cases, people develop addictions without even noticing that their bodies have become dependent on a specific substance – altering their emotions, actions, and decision-making ability to favour their addiction above all else.

When it comes to chemical drugs, we see a heavy rise in drugs that contain fentanyl – a highly potent synthetic opioid that is commonly used as an analgesic. Fentanyl is also used for anaesthesia purposes and has recently been the cause of several deaths as a result overdosing when used recreationally. When used recreationally, fentanyl is mixed with heroin, cocaine, and benzodiazepines to enhance the effect of the drug. If someone overdoses on fentanyl, the overdose can be neutralised by naloxone.

Am I an Addict?

Now that you know what an addictive substance is, you can identify any addictive substances that you consume daily. This can include caffeinated coffee, tea, or soft drinks; cigarettes; alcoholic beverages; and prescription medication. To test if your body has developed a dependency on any of these substances, avoid consuming that substance for a while and see how your body reacts to the absence of that substance. If you notice any physical or mental cravings, there is a chance that you might have developed an addiction. Luckily, there is no shame in admitting that you need professional rehabilitation to overcome your addiction and take back control of your life.

Living With an Addiction

People who live with addiction are constantly influenced by their physical and mental cravings to consume a specific substance. These cravings can reach a point where the individual merely acts in their self-interest and forgets about their responsibilities. This leads to unexpected behavioural patterns that prioritise the consumption of a specific substance above everything else in their life. This is where Beethoven Recovery Centre’s drug therapy programme becomes a viable option for those who want to overcome their addiction on their own terms.

Our Drug Therapy Programme

When people think about a drug therapy programme, they commonly envision a warped picture where the patient is treated like a prisoner. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer a comfortable and spacious environment for our patients – with lovely accommodation and a professional chef who prepares 3 daily meals and in-between snacks. Our premises contain beautiful gardens and extramural activities to create a safe and welcoming environment to enjoy during their stay with us.

The first phase of our drug therapy programme educates the patient on the dangers of addiction and how their drug addiction has taken control of their thoughts and actions. During this phase, we encourage our patients to actively choose to break free from their addiction and allow us to help them get over the hump for good.

The second phase of our drug therapy programme is voluntary and puts the focus on maintaining a new lifestyle – one of sober living wellness. This phase revolves around social reintegration and avoiding any relapses. It also equips them with the knowledge and tools to live a thriving life that is free from the binding ties of addiction – one where they are back in control of their thoughts, actions, and choices.

When you need a drug therapy programme that is tailored to your specific individual needs, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer near Gauteng! Please browse our website for details on our drug therapy programme and our premises, and feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries.

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