Your Answer to Overcome Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription medication can cause people to develop physical dependencies to the addictive substances that are present in prescription drugs. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer a solution to people who develop such an addiction, with an idyllic setting that promotes self-healing and self-reflection for our patients. We are remotely located and surrounded by mother nature to give our patients the peace and solace to focus on themselves and overcome the challenges of addiction on their own terms.

How Can I Avoid Prescription Drug Addiction?

The most effective way to avoid prescription drug addiction is to consult your medical professional on the matter and the possibilities of developing a physical dependence to specific substances in your prescribed medication. However, most people become addicted to specific types of medication without even noticing the signs of addiction or their bodily cravings. For these people, we offer a programme that will give them the means to face their addiction and make and active choice to overcome the challenges of addiction for good.

Our Unique Approach to Rehabilitation

We are all unique as individuals, which leads to addiction having a unique impact on our lives. Some people have the capacity to overcome addiction without any professional assistance, which is very rare. However, with Beethoven Recovery Centre on your side, we can give you a true shot to overcome addiction and not be a slave to your bodily cravings anymore. By removing our patients form a familiar busy city environment, we give them the unique opportunity to focus on themselves without any distractions. We also employ a programme that is dynamic and versatile, giving our patients professional treatment that is tailored to their unique and individual needs.

Our Prescription Drug Rehabilitation Programme

People are reluctant to admit when they are addicted and need professional rehabilitation solutions to overcome their addiction and find a way to life where they are in control once again. As a result, we only admit people to our programme that is willing to put in the work and face the challenge head-on. Our programme is split into 2 phases, with the 2nd phase being completely voluntary. During the initial phase, our patients are educated on the dangers of being addicted and the direct impact that addiction has on their lives. This allows them to reflect on their lives and identify areas where addiction is in control instead of them having the reigns.

During the 2nd phase of our prescription drug rehabilitation programme, we put the focus on social reintegration and forging a path to sober living wellness. This phase is ideal for people who completed the 1st phase and want to keep up their sober lifestyle once they leave our care. To truly overcome addiction, you must make an active choice on your own terms and take back control of your life. We can help you on such a journey and give you the means to choose a new path in life.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need a solution to prescription drug rehabilitation near Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist you and contact us if you have any enquiries on the matter.

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