Your Answer to Alcohol Rehabilitation near Gauteng

Alcohol is one of the most consumed addictive substances in South Africa. If you struggle with alcohol addiction and seek an effective alcohol rehabilitation programme to overcome your addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution near Gauteng! Addiction can take over your life and influence your ability to make responsible decisions. Today, we talk about the severe impact that alcohol addiction can have on your life and the early warning signs that you should be aware of if you regularly consume alcoholic beverages.

When Alcohol Addiction Sets In

Since the consumption of alcoholic beverages is legal and socially accepted in South Africa, most teenagers and adults turn to alcohol during social gatherings, special occasions, and events. Some people take it even further by consuming alcoholic beverages at any given opportunity – especially throughout the day when they have other responsibilities to take care of. These are the initial signs of being addicted to alcohol and falling into that downward spiral that is alcohol addiction. Although it is difficult to admit that you might be an addict, the signs don’t lie and should not be ignored.

People who are full-blown addicts, tend to consume too much alcohol when presented with a setting where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is somewhat expected. These settings can include wedding ceremonies, office parties, corporate events, and the like. This leads to becoming drunk and making a fool of themselves in every conceivable way. When confronted, they would immediately take offense and defend their actions as opposed to admitting that they had more than enough to drink for one night.

The Solution is an Effective Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a world-renowned alcohol rehabilitation programme that is split into 2 distinct phases. We only accept voluntary admissions, and the patient must be 18 years of age or older. The 1st phase of our programme aims to educate our patients and inspire them to do some necessary self-reflection on their life and identify the sheer impact that alcoholism has on them. This leads to coming to a definitive choice about their addiction – whether they are willing to stand up and fight to take back control of their life and forge a new path that leads to sober living wellness.

The 2nd phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme is voluntary and comes highly recommended for those who completed the 1st phase. This phase teaches our patients social reintegration and maintaining their sobriety for the foreseeable future. It can be difficult to go back to your social circle and not consume any alcoholic beverages – opening yourself up to a world of ridicule. However, being in control of your life and your decisions will always outweigh the opinions of others.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need an alcohol rehabilitation programme that is presented at a dedicated rehab centre near Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and facilities and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist you to overcome your addiction.

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