Your Answer to a Professional Drug Rehabilitation Centre near Gauteng

When you have become addicted to a specific addictive substance and wish to overcome your addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers professional drug rehabilitation for people living in Gauteng and its surrounding areas! Although there are several stigmas surrounding “drugs” and what classifies as a drug, there are various types of addictive substances that we consume daily. These substances include caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol to name a few. Today, we discuss the dangers of consuming these substances and the necessary steps to take when you have developed an addiction.

What Classifies as a “Drug”?

When people hear the word “drug”, they constantly think about street drugs, hard drugs, and substances that can make you “high” or hallucinate. However, a drug’s correct classification is something that contains an addictive substance. This includes most prescription medications as well, and people should know that they can become addicted to their prescription meds when consumed over extended periods. Therefore, instead of buying in on the stigmas, you should do proper research about addictive substances and become aware of those that you consume daily.

Developing an Addiction

Gauteng is one of the most active provinces when it comes to the availability of street drugs – causing a massive influx in drug abuse in this province. Developing an addiction to a specific addictive substance is the easy part and can happen without you even noticing the symptoms. However, identifying that you are addicted, can be tricky. If you consume an addictive substance daily, avoid that specific substance for a while and see how your mind and body reacts to the absence of that substance. If you notice any withdrawal, you might be an addict.

Overcome Your Addiction

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s drug rehabilitation programme admits people of 18 years of age and older, strictly on a voluntary basis, to give them hope and a way to overcome their addiction on their own terms. Our rehab centre is remotely located and surrounded by mother nature to create an ideal environment of peace and tranquillity – allowing our patients the time and opportunity to do some necessary self-reflection and self-healing. During the first phase of our drug rehabilitation programme, we educate our patients on the dangers of addiction and the pitfalls that go along with addiction. This phase encourages our patients to make a definitive choice about their addiction.

The second phase of our drug rehabilitation programme shifts the focus to social reintegration and living a life that is free from addiction – a life of sober living wellness. This phase also teaches our patients to maintain their new lifestyle and avoid any relapsing in the foreseeable future. Therefore, they can forge a new path in life that is free from the ties that bind and take back control of their lives to steer it into a new, healthy, way of living.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need professional drug rehabilitation near Gauteng! Please browse our website for details on our programme and premises and contact us directly with any questions on how we can help you overcome addiction for good.

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