Why it is Best to Choose a Residential Rehab for Drug Addicts

Drug addiction and alcoholism is becoming more commonplace than ever ??? one can only speculate about the cause of this epidemic. Some say it is because drugs are more accessible and available than ever before, and others feel that it is due to the high level of pressures of modern-day living. The indisputable fact is that most people are touched by addiction on some level or another, whether directly or indirectly. Addiction doesn???t only affect the addict, but a wide circle of consequences and repercussions occur which also touches the friends and family of the addict, their employers and fellow employees, and other people along the way.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with addiction and to help addicts recover from and to manage their addiction is to check into a residential rehab for drug addicts. While there are many different programmes that can be attended, a stint in a residential addiction facility still yields the best results, and tend to have a much higher success rates than other programmes.

There are several reasons why a residential programme in a rehab centre for drug addicts is the best choice:

  • Removed from the regular environment: Residential treatment programmes remove the addict from everyday life where the stimuli are conducive to drug abuse. The daily grind can quite often demotivate people from making a successful recovery, and having time away from the responsibilities of life and work helps the addict to just focus on recovery for a few weeks. This means that the focus is more intense and yields better results. There is also nothing to distract from the process of recovery, and a good rehab for drug addicts will provide the patient with a quiet, peaceful environment free from distractions.
  • Reduced temptation: Even in outpatient programmes, addicts are constantly faced with temptation to use, and when at home it can be difficult to change behaviour. In a residential programme, the patient is removed from these temptations and given full support around the clock, which helps to reduce the chances of them using.
  • Effective counselling: We know that addiction is usually rooted in or exacerbated by other factors, such as childhood traumas, unresolved issues and mental illness. Often, extensive counselling is needed to work through these issues, and at a residential rehab for drug addicts and alcoholics, patients receive counselling every day and receives tools to help cope with living a life free from drugs and alcohol.
  • Safer withdrawal: Often, drug addicts have a terrible time during withdrawal and in some cases, unsupervised withdrawal can be downright dangerous. At a residential clinic, there are medical practitioners that are experienced in withdrawal, and they monitor and provide patients with a safe environment in which to go through withdrawal. There is also a variety of therapies offered that helps to make withdrawal easier.
  • Physical therapies: Good residential rehab programmes will include an exercise regime. Exercise has proven to be a good way to reduce cravings and to increase the ???feel good??? natural chemicals in the body. It also helps the addict to improve their physical health and provides great stress relief!

If you are looking for a rehab for drug addicts that provides a residential programme, give our team at Beethoven Recovery Centre a call! We also provide secondary and tertiary programmes to provide support after the residential programme.

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