What to Look for in a Drug Rehab

Contemplating treatment for substance abuse for yourself, or have you just learned that your beloved child has a serious drug addiction problem??? The drug problem in South Africa has been on a continual rise, especially in the last few years. Prescription drugs, alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin are all drugs that have become increasingly popular. ??In fact, did you know that the United Nations World Drug Report had named South Africa as one of the drug capitals of the world? Drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm, so much so that more than 15% of South Africans have a habitual drug problem.

Looking for an effective, safe and therapeutic drug rehab? While there are a variety of private and government drug rehab facilities, it???s important to remember that each type of addiction is different, and the very best type of rehab therapy program is one that is tailored to each individual???s needs. So how do you pick the right one for you or your loved one?

Here???s what to look for!

  • #1 Appropriate Licensing and Staff Credentials
    First and foremost, do your research about the drug rehabs licensing and staff credentials. Not only should you make sure that the rehabilitation is accredited by the appropriate South African governing bodies but you should also ensure that the program is run by licensed, well-trained mental health professionals and addiction behavioural disorder specialist psychiatrists.
  • #2 An Evidence-Based Treatment Programme
    When going through the many different drug rehabs, you will no doubt come across many ads that flaunt rehabs set in tranquil settings with impeccable views. While these may be extremely tempting, settings and views are not what you should be focussing on right now. When it comes to drug rehabilitation, you need a proven effective evidence-based treatment programme that actually works; in fact, this should be your main priority. The best types of quality drug programmes are those that include chemical detoxification, behavioural therapy and residential treatment, as well as those that address the actual drug abuse, the patient???s emotional pain, anger, and other life problems that contribute to their addiction.
  • #3 Costs and Medical Coverage
    When it comes to drug addiction and rehabilitation, everyone???s needs are different. Because the duration of a person???s rehabilitation is closely related to the severity of their addiction, costs will largely depend on the length of their programme. The longer and more intense the drug use, the longer and more intense the treatment they may need, which is why costs vary. If you find the costs are a bit too much, you will happy to learn that most drug rehabs are covered by medical aid, so do your homework and choose one that is approved by yours.
  • #4 Follow-up After Support
    Drug rehab has proven to be a saving grace to millions of people throughout the world. However, regardless of how excellent the rehab may be, what happens after the patient leaves the rehab is just as important. A crucial and volatile time for many, this is when you or your loved one will need the most support. Make sure your drug rehab of choice can offer you an excellent follow-up support programme. Whether its meetings with fellow rehabilitated patients on a weekly basis, a monthly well-run aftercare program, or referrals to other recovery services and support groups in your area ??? you???re going to need a solid discharge plan before you leave the drug rehab facility.

If you or someone you love dearly has hit rock bottom and are struggling to deal with addiction, then don???t wait, enrol them in a drug rehab now. To learn more about addiction and how our drug rehab can help, contact us at Beethoven Recovery Centre today.

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