Two Sure Tell Signs You Need Addict Rehab

Did you know that at least 15% of all South Africans have a drug problem? A chronic disease that can have devastating effects in the worst ways possible, addiction doesn???t discriminate and can affect anyone who crosses its path. While things may not be as bad as Canada or America, we???re catching up fast and have earned a reputation as being one of the top drug capitals of the world. While alcohol is the primary drug of choice in South Africa, prescription medications, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines are not very far behind.

Identifying abuse or dependence is not always an easy task to pin down. If you???re currently struggling with a chemical dependency problem that you???re not sure if you should be concerned about, then here are 2 sure tell signs you need to book into an addict rehab right away.

1.?? You Can???t Stop Although You Desperately Want To

The famous mantra of just about every addict on planet earth: ???Just one more time and then I I???ll quit, I promise.??? Drug addiction is not an easy disease to shake off. It???s not, for example, like a stomach virus or a pinched nerve where you can take an antibiotic or a painkiller and it???s gone the next day. Drug addiction is an inexplicable bondage, so much so that many substance abusers don???t really even understand why they do it. They just know that it makes them feel better and that they can???t stop, and whenever they try they fail miserably.

Unfortunately, what many addicts don???t realise is that drugs are mind altering chemicals that create neurological changes in the brain, and once the mind has being altered they enter very dangerous waters. Not only does willpower become meaningless, but addicts lose all control over their actions, including morals. Even though they desperately want to stop using, their brains simply say NO. Possibly the greatest warning sign, if this is where you???re at right now then this is good enough reason to enter addict rehab right away.

2. You???ve Lost Enthusiasm and Become a Recluse

Spending less time at the gym and not socialising with your friends as much as you used to? Or has your family taken a back seat with visits becoming less frequent than before? Excellent at stealing enthusiasm and causing depression and feelings of loneliness and anger ??? addicts become reclusive. It???s almost unavoidable. The behaviour of chemical dependency is very isolating and becoming withdrawn from the world is an indefinite sign that your dependency has reached a level where addict rehab is needed.

Just because addiction is a disease of the brain, it doesn???t mean you can???t do anything about it. If you???re currently experiencing any one of these 2 signs, then you should seek help as soon as possible. Many people make the tragic mistake of only entering an addiction rehab once they???ve reached rock bottom, but at Beethoven Recovery Centre we???re here to tell you that you don???t have to wait for something terrible to happen ??? you can kick your habit right now. The quicker you enter rehab, the sooner your journey to sobriety will begin.

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