The Top Benefits of Rehab for Addicts

Just like debt, addiction is extremely prevalent in today???s society, so much so that recent statistics reveal that millions of South Africans have a dependency problem. A mixed world of professionals, students, retirees, and housewives to teenagers ??? drug addiction does NOT discriminate, but it DOES destroy. But if something so bad for you is destroying your mind, health and morals, then why not just quit? Just say NO. Well it???s not as simple as it sounds. For many of us, drug addiction can seem ridiculous, but for others, it can seem like a nightmare!

The reality is that no individual willingly sets out to become an addict. You don???t find addiction, it finds you and when it does, it doesn???t let you go. You need to let go of addiction. A chronic disease that can leave a trail of mess in its path, many people don???t understand addiction and often believe that users lack willpower and morals and can easily stop by simply saying NO. Unfortunately, it???s much easier said than done. Substance abuse is a psychological and physical addiction that takes a lot more than just willpower to overcome. Addiction requires in-patient drug rehabilitation. If you???re on the fence about whether you need to go to a rehab for addicts, then take a look at some of the benefits so you can see how it can put you back on the path to sobriety.

Heal and Gain Greater Self Awareness

The greatest deception about substance abuse is the enjoyment and comfort it pretends to offer, especially when feeling vulnerable. Distorting our behaviour, our thought patterns, our enthusiasm, our morals, and our sense of self, it is only until we???ve spent a few weeks in rehab until we realise how far off the path we???ve come. Allowing you to focus on yourself without any outside interference and influence, you will start to see things in an entirely different light, which will afford you the time to heal and gain greater self awareness.

Dual Diagnosis and Other Therapy Options

Over the years, research has revealed two interesting trends: people who abuse substances often have psychological issues and psychological symptoms are always prevalent in people who abuse substances. ??What this tells us is that people are using drugs to both relieve their psychological distress as well as feed their addiction. For many addicts,??and in the world of addiction treatment, this is known as a dual diagnosis. An extremely dangerous combination, treating both is paramount, which is why if you have a dual diagnosis then it???s not going to be enough to stop using by yourself. You???re going to need to book into a rehab for addicts that can offer you both dual diagnosis treatment as well as other addiction therapy options such as chemical detoxification, behavioural therapy, exercise, group therapy, meditation and other outdoor activities.??

You Leave with a Relapse Prevention Plan

There are many people who leave rehab and never touch alcohol, cocaine or prescription painkillers again. Unfortunately, some are not so fortunate and fall right back into their old ways. After rehab, the first few months of sobriety are the hardest. Not only do you need to change your old habits and friends, but you also need a good support system and an excellent relapse prevention plan that considers your unique weaknesses and threats to your sobriety. Rehab will make sure you leave with a full proof plan that offers strategies, inspirations and even a list of emergency phone numbers that you can call when you find yourself feeling weak.

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