Rehabilitation Therapy Programme

Rehabilitation therapy Defined

Rehabilitation is a treatment designed for a patient to make the process and time of their recovery from an illness or addiction back to independence and a healthy lifestyle easier. At Beethoven Recovery Centre we specialise in rehabilitation therapy for people struggling with substance dependence, as well as mental illness. Substance dependence refers to a person abusing certain types of substances that can become addictive to their bodies, such as alcohol or caffeine. If the person reduces the usage of the specific substance, their bodies would usually get withdrawal symptoms, urging them to get their next proverbial fix as soon as humanly possible. Substance abuse can have many negative effects on the human body, with full dependency being one of the worst to not only manage, but also completely break with.

The Rehabilitation Therapy Programme at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our programme, implemented by our rehabilitation unit, is designed for people who are 18 years and older, comprising of a 3-week compulsory and intensive programme followed by a 4-week voluntary programme. In the 1st week, which is called the contemplation stage, the patient is guided to contemplate who they are as a person, to learn to live with themselves in peace, and to talk about their dependence. In the 2nd week, the patient is guided to commit themselves to a timeline of recovery and to reclaim their own life, which is a personal choice for every patient. The 3rd week of therapy sees the patient acting in a process towards recovery and healing of the body. If the patient feels strong enough to face life after these 3 weeks, they will be discharged, as the 2nd part of the programme is completely voluntary. This programme includes weekly reviews to monitor the progress of the patient and the treatment plan to keep the patient and their caretakers informed of their current situation.

It is highly recommended to complete the last 4 weeks of rehabilitation therapy as well, as these weeks will focus on maintaining a sober lifestyle and sustaining living wellness. The importance of these weeks lies in the patient being guided to become stronger by learning about avoiding the proverbial pitfalls of becoming an addict once again. Our weekly medical lectures presented to the patients teach them what addiction is all about and how the body reacts to specific medication and drugs. The final week of therapy is focussed on the preparation of the patient to form part of society once again, giving them the opportunity to choose sober living wellness or being addicted. The result completely depends on the decision of the patient.

Why should I choose Beethoven Recovery Centre?

Our locality plays to the favour of people living in Gauteng, as we are close to Pretoria, but remote enough to break away from the busy city life. Our patients are provided with housing units during their time of stay, with the advantage of continuous professional observation to help them throughout their rehabilitation. Our professional staff will treat our patients with dignity and integrity within a tranquil environment, as opposed to creating the feeling of a hostile asylum. For more information, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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