Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy Can Be the Helping Hand You Need

People who suffer from substance addiction can benefit greatly from rehabilitation therapy. Substance addiction includes alcohol and drugs, as well as prescription medication addiction. Although addicts are the last people to admit that they have a problem, rehabilitation therapy can give them the opportunity to build a new life and forge a new path, free of the ties that currently bind them. Being addicted to a substance makes your entire life dependent on that substance. Therefore, you will start to think and act outside of your own free will to be a slave to your addiction, which became your dependence in life. It is hard to break such a vicious cycle, but with the ideal assistance within an ideal environment, it can be done.

The best option for an addict to overcome their dependence, is a rehabilitation centre that offers a solid programme and therapy environment. First, it is very important to ensure that such a rehabilitation centre is well-equipped. Second, it should also be fully registered at the National Hospital Network. Alternative registrations at boards such as the Department of Social Development and the Board of Healthcare Funders would contribute as well. It is also pivotal to ensure that your medical aid scheme covers treatment at such a centre.

Beethoven Recovery Centre satisfies all these conditions, making us a viable and legitimate rehabilitation centre for people living in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. Our centre has the services of a professional and friendly medical team, including fully equipped general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurses. We also have an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist at our disposal.

The First Step

After being admitted to our rehabilitation centre, our medical staff will do some necessary tests to determine how to fully utilise our world-renowned rehabilitation therapy programme. This programme is versatile and adjustable to the unique needs of every individual. As a result, each patient can expect a uniquely tailored approach to their therapy and treatment.

Our programme covers 7 weeks and consists of 2 distinct phases. The first phase covers 3 weeks and is compulsory for every patient. During the initial 3 weeks, the patient will be guided to obtain a deep knowledge of the substance that they are addicted to, which can lead them to break with that substance and be free of their dependence. However, such a decision fully rests on their shoulders. We can deliver the best programme in the world with the most professional guidance, and we will still not be able to convince an individual to completely break with their addiction. Such a decision is done on the individual’s own terms.

During the second, voluntary phase of the rehabilitation therapy programme, the patient is equipped to forge a new life, free of addiction. We encourage our patients to keep on fighting the good fight by giving them the knowledge and tools to sustain a life that is free of addiction. Friends, colleagues, and family will have their own challenges to overcome once done with rehab. Although it might seem like such a person can reintegrate themselves into how their lives were, it isn’t the case. Their addiction was born from how their lives were before. Therefore, they must make the necessary adjustments to avoid such behaviour in the future.

It Falls on You

The process of rehabilitation therapy is a difficult and very demanding phase that requires commitment from the patient. This type of commitment is not towards our programme or the people who are involved with the rehabilitation process. It is towards themselves, to choose to overcome their dependence and take control of their own lives. Without such a commitment to yourself, chances are good that rehabilitation will mean nothing and that a relapse is inevitable.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice for rehabilitation therapy for people suffering from addiction. Our premises are remote and promote self-reflection and -healing for optimal results. For more info on how we can assist you, please peruse our website for details on our programme and premises today. Grab the helping hand that reaches out and wants to pull you from your own destructive behaviour. Choose us today and let us show you the true way to overcome your addictive ways.

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