Rehabilitation Therapy

Behavioural Addictions

Rehabilitation therapy covers an array of dysfunctionalities relating to a human being’s body and mind. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we focus on 4 rehabilitation areas consisting of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, prescription medicine abuse, and behavioural addictions. Although addiction is mostly linked to substance abuse, it also includes features like repetitive engagement in behaviour patterns, loss of control, and physical dependence. Certain psychiatric disorders are also characterised by maladaptive, repetitive behaviours, and are classified as behavioural addictions, with gambling addiction offering an ideal example. Various other forms of behavioural addiction are still being debated regarding the nature of the addiction, currently resulting in insufficient data to justify any classification of other proposed behavioural addictions. There are many people who doubt the actual existence of this kind of addiction, while others argue that, although they may exist, they cannot really be classified as addictions. Some of them, like kleptomania, are classified as outright crimes by modern society, instead of being handled as a behavioural addiction. Despite these speculations about the topic, Beethoven Recovery Centre is available for people who are classified as having behavioural addictions.

Rehabilitation Therapy for Behavioural Addictions

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, our focus is to guide, assist, and empower people to give them the opportunity to live a life of sober living wellness, free of their behavioural addiction and integrative to their specific life setting. Our rehabilitation therapy programme is available for people of 18 years and older and is divided into 2 distinct phases. The initial phase consists of a 3-week compulsory programme, with the 2nd phase offering a 4-week voluntary programme. The initial 3 weeks can potentially be very intense for the patient, as it guides and empowers the patient to face the proverbial monster in their lives, granting them the knowledge and tools to not only choose to fight it, but also completely overcome it if they have the level of self-commitment and perseverance to achieve it. In the case of behavioural addictions, the patient is guided to break with a repetitive behaviour pattern. This process might take longer than the initial 3 weeks. Therefore, the patient is strongly recommended to do the 2nd phase of our programme as well. Should the patient display full commitment and determination to overcome their behavioural addiction, our rehabilitation therapy can be effective to the point where the patient can easily overcome their addiction and reintegrate into society with a healthy state of mind and a lifestyle free of the addiction holding them back. Research in the area of behavioural addiction is still up in the air on some matters and how the most effective method of approaching these addictions can be implemented within a modern society to not only identify them, but also deal with them accordingly.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable solution for those suffering from behavioural addiction, with a solid rehabilitation therapy programme to equip, empower, and inform our patients on their specific addiction and how to best deal with it within their situations. Should you want more information on our premises or rehabilitation therapy programmes, feel free to peruse our website for details or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre today and let us provide the helping hand you need to get back on your feet and face life again.

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