Rehabilitation Therapy

The nature of rehabilitation therapy

Drug rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy comes in many shapes and forms, including physical impediments and even speech therapy. Today, we will focus on drug rehabilitation, which is also physical to an extent, as your mind and body can both be addicted or dependant. Rehabilitation therapy is highly recommended when someone is addicted to any kind of substance, including prescription drugs. The use of recreational drugs is increasing in South Africa and has become a major problem to be addressed as soon as possible. These drugs are regarded as the most common contributors to anti-social behaviour, which can lead to criminal offenses such as domestic abuse, vandalism, or assault. Nowadays, the medical aid funds are contributing substantial amounts towards the costs of treatment for specialised addiction. The importance of support groups is also increasing, as they play an important role in the sober sustaining part of the recovery process of the addict.

Drug rehabilitation at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Being treated at a professional rehabilitation therapy unit can prove effective to break with any drug addiction by admitting an addict to a programme of psychotherapy and other related treatments. These programmes are most effective when being conducted at a clinic with residential units and other necessary facilities. During the programme, the patients live in their respective housing units while being available for continuous observation, as well as being subject to periodic assessment and adjustments to their treatment.

A clinic that meets all these requirements for people living in the Gauteng and North West provinces, is Beethoven Recovery Centre – being situated in a peaceful environment, with colourful gardens, and nestled between the Magaliesberg mountains and the Hartbeespoort dam. We present you with comfortable accommodation and a healthy diet, as well as extensive facilities for relaxation and recreation. Here you will also get the best medication and highly professional counselling, education, and psychotherapy. Any person aged 18 or older may apply for drug rehabilitation therapy, which includes constant nursing and psychiatric oversight. The professional treatment stretches over a 7-week period and is split in 2 phases, of which the second phase of 4 weeks is completely optional.

Reintegration and Recovery

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we strive to deliver our very best services for all our patients, but we cannot guarantee that all our drug rehabilitation patients will break with their addiction once the treatment period is over and they return to their previous lives. However, we do equip our patients with the necessary tools to help them break with their addiction completely and start living a life of full sober wellness. Like an old proverb says: you can only lead a horse to the water, but you cannot force the horse to drink: It is up to every individual to break their own addiction, and at Beethoven Recovery Centre, addicts will be given a chance to do that. Our programme does not only equip people to deal with addiction, but also provides a safe and tranquil environment that promotes healing and understanding to deliver amazing support for all our patients.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we aim to help those in need. Whether it is addiction or mental disorder, we can be the light that breaks the proverbial darkness and give people hope for their immediate future. Please contact us directly for more information or peruse our website for details.

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