Rehabilitation for Prescription Medication Abuse

About Rehabilitation for Prescription Medication Abuse

Going through a hard time is part of being human. We have all been there, and none of us emerge completely unscathed. In some cases, people find it harder to deal with challenges than others, and while there are a lot of illegal drugs out there, it can be very easy to get medically prescribed drugs that are supposed to help them, and not hinder them. A lot of people die every year from medically prescribed drugs which they are supposed to take under strict supervision of their doctors, and often when it comes to prescription drug addiction it can be more difficult for the addict to acknowledge the problem because the drug has been prescribed by a doctor.

In other cases, they do know that they have become addicted and go ???doctor shopping??? ??? where they can obtain larger doses of their drug of choice by consulting a variety of doctors who will prescribe the same drug. Nowadays though, there are measures in place to help alleviate this problem, but prescription drug use (and abuse) is now at an all-time high. Prescription drugs can also be very difficult to shake and for this reason, serious rehabilitation for prescription medication abuse is needed in cases where people???s lives have become irretrievably affected by the drugs they are addicted to. It doesn???t matter whether it is prescribed or illegal ??? it is still a drug and all addicts need to afford themselves the luxury of getting help in order to rise above their addictions.

The Problem with Prescription Drugs

Most of the people who get addicted to prescription drugs are prescribed these by a physician at some stage of their lives, and for one reason or another. Usually these drugs are taken voluntarily because they feel safe with the fact that they were prescribed, but sometimes the use of these drugs become increasingly important in the general maintenance of the life of the person. Whether it is to sleep, or to curb pain, or to reduce panic attacks or anxiety, people can often develop a dependence on these drugs and find that they are unable to cope without them. This can have catastrophic and dependence can increase to the point where the person???s life is affected adversely both by the drugs, and by not having the drugs. This can put them in a really desperate and delicate position, because even if they recognise the drug dependence, they believe that they cannot fully function without them, and as a result their lives are negatively impaired, and often this impacts on their ability to work or to maintain relationships with family and friends.

Drugs that are most commonly misused are opioids that are usually prescribed to treat pain, anti-anxiety drugs such as Valium, sleeping tablets and stimulants used to treat a variety of disorders such as ADHD. All of these drugs are very effective when taken as prescribed in the short term, but long-term use often leads to the doses having to be increased in order to get the same result, because the body starts to build up a resistance to them. Later this could lead to abuse and addiction.

Why are Prescription Drugs Use So Common Today?

Experts say it is because there are more drugs that are now commonly available, and that the drug trade is often not as well-regulated as it should be. Doctors now write more prescriptions than ever, and certain drugs are available online. It is also now quite common for teenagers or other members of the family stealing medicine, which was prescribed to the parents or children. It also happens that instead of getting hold of illegal drugs, getting hold of prescription drugs can be a lot easier.

Experts say that there are a lot of factors that determine whether a person will become addicted ??? genetics play a part, environment, peer pressure, and taking drugs early on in a developmental stage can all lead to addiction. If you combine all these factors into one person, the chances of that person becoming addicted can be quite high.

If you are looking for help for yourself or find that you need to find out more about rehabilitation for prescription medication abuse, give our team at Beethoven Recovery Centre a call. We provide effective rehabilitation programs for a variety of addictions, and our expert team will be able to provide you with all the advice and treatment you need!

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