Rehabilitation for Behavioural Addictions

Rehabilitation for Behavioural Addictions

People often associate addiction with substance abuse, such as drug use and alcoholism, but there are other addictions that do not involve substance or alcohol abuse. They affect a lot of people and gets out of control in the same way a drug addiction would. People around the person are affected and the person themselves are affected in a negative way, and getting help for these addictions are often as crucial as seeking help for substance addiction. Rehabilitation for behavioural addictions is just as vital and the treatment of such yields some very effective results if you go to the right professionals.

What is Behavioural Addiction?

It is a non-drug related addiction that consists of an urge to involve themselves in behaviours that are destructive, and can have a negative effect on the addict???s mental, emotional, financial and social wellbeing. It can also affect the friends and family of the addict.

These addictions could include eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, inappropriate sexual behaviour such as sex addiction, gambling addiction, exercise addiction, internet gaming addiction, pornography addiction and many other forms of behaviours that become detrimental to mental and physical health. A new addition to the list is love addiction, which means that the person chooses dysfunctional partners in order to feel loved. Social media addiction too is becoming prevalent as people start to identify more and more with an online presence and lose touch with reality as a result.

Of course, many of these addictions also go hand-in-hand with some form of substance abuse and operate together to form dysfunctional behaviour. All of these addictions act practically the same as substance abuse ??? mental withdrawal, sometimes physical, and a compulsion to continue the behaviour despite negative effects on the life of the addict.

Treatment Options for Behavioural Addictions

Rehabilitation for behavioural addictions can vary from medication, to addressing the behaviours through therapy and providing the person with tools to help resist addictive behaviour. Frequently, a combination of treatments is needed, and the addict has to be thoroughly evaluated by medical and psychological experts in order to find the best, most effective way to deal with their particular addictions. Cognitive behavioural therapy has proven to be very effective, because it focuses on the triggers of the behaviour, drawing out the root cause of the behaviour so that therapy can be sought for the underlying reasons of the addiction, instead of just treating the symptoms. Regardless of which type of therapies are chosen, it is essential that the behaviours are identified as addictive and that treatment is tailored to the needs of the person in order to be effective.

If you are looking for rehabilitation for behavioural addictions, it is wise to seek professional counsellors at an establishment that can treat you on a residential basis. More often than not it is much more effective to seek residential treatment than outpatient treatment as this removes you from your normal environment where these behaviours are prevalent, and puts in you into a safe space where you can take your time to focus completely on healing, without having to worry about the pressures of everyday life. Being out of a comfort zone brings a completely new understanding and perspective, and this may provide you with the ideal situation in which to learn new coping skills and management mechanisms to help you manage your behavioural addiction in the long term. Daily therapy, nutritious meals, people to talk to with the same problems, great counsellors, a medical team on standby ??? these all help you to find your way through the maze of your behavioural addictions.

At Beethoven Recover Centre, we specialise in the rehabilitation of a wide range of addictions, including rehabilitation for behavioural addictions. We provide you with an attractive, comfortable and nurturing environment where you can get away from destructive behavioural patterns, while helping you to find the root of your addictions and providing you with measures to deal with these on a long-term basis.

If you need rehabilitation for substance or behavioural addictions, our centre is the place to be. Just contact our wonderful and kind administrative team to find out more about our programs that are most suited to you.

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