Rehabilitation for Alcohol Abuse

Come to Beethoven Recovery Centre for Rehabilitation for Alcohol Abuse

Addictions often carry a stigma and people are often very reluctant to seek help for them. They come in all kinds of different forms and shapes ??? some people get addicted to substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, while others get addicted to destructive behaviours, such as sex addiction or gambling, and a lot of people experience both at the same time. This can have a huge impact on the life of the addict and also on the lives of those around them such as friends, partners, family and colleagues.

The first step to seeking help is to recognise that addiction has set in and that there is truly a problem, which is often the most difficult step. Sometimes even people who have been in rehabilitation for alcohol abuse or behavioural addiction patters for a few days still deny the problem. The fact is that without admitting that there is a problem or an addiction, recovery cannot be effective, and it is therefore crucial that the addict receives the right care from the get-go.

Rehabilitation for alcohol abuse or other forms of addiction is at its most effective when treated with a residential program at a recognised addiction treatment centre. The necessary staff, medical experts, psychiatrists and counsellors have to be employed and be available to the establishment around the clock in order to ensure that the residents are thoroughly evaluated, monitored and counselled.

Why Beethoven Recovery Centre?

Because we follow the reliable 12-step recovery program and provide highly effective on-site counselling and guidance, our alcohol abuse programs are highly efficient. Our rehabilitation recovery centre specialises in the treatment of substance and behavioural addicts for patients of 18 years and older. We ensure that our medical and psychiatric professionals are able to provide support and guidance to our residents around the clock, and our residents are guided through an integrative model that involves medication (if needed) and counselling, in order to ensure that they are able to deal with sober living after they leave our establishment.

Our programs consist of a seven-week program, which is residential and consists of two phases for the best results. We always ensure that all our patients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity, and that they are guided to living healthily through our counselling and spiritual approach.

Our program that directs rehabilitation for alcohol abuse is based on models that are recognised internationally and have shown great results, and we also focus on the individual patient in order to find a tailored program for recovery. We know that not all people are the same and that different mechanisms and tools may be needed by different individuals in order to facilitate recovery and make it more effective in the long term.

We also comply with all national regulations and rules set by local rehabilitation bodies to ensure that we are able to provide you with the treatment you need. Give us a call today to find out more about Beethoven Recovery Centre???s program for rehabilitation for alcohol abuse!

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