Rehabilitation Centre for alcohol abuse in Gauteng

The Fine Line Between Socialising and Addiction

Nowadays, children in primary schools are already experimenting with alcohol – mostly just for fun. However, the bad habit of drinking may already start there. During their late teenage years, we find many of these teenagers who have extreme drinking habits, with the majority being male. Out of this group of potential addicts, only a few can avoid the temptation of alcohol abuse, while others would fall into the proverbial blackhole of substance abuse that might lead to addiction. Unfortunately, the people being drawn in will not realise the true extent of their abusive ways until it is too late, not coming to grips that they might end up in a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is commonly defined as the “habitual excessive use of alcohol”. The term “excessive” applies to every individual in a unique way, with alcohol tolerance levels differing from one person to another, but with a clear line in the sand regarding abusive behaviour. The term “habitual” indicates that drinking alcohol has become a bad dependency and a regular habit for the person. Not realising this, or mentally open to admit it, this person would completely shrug off the idea of alcohol rehabilitation, as their own foolish pride would stand in their way. When realising that this social habit has transformed into a daily dependency, a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse might be the only way to get back to a life of sober wellness. Many people would rather not accept their fate at this point in time, turning into complete addicts that would do just about anything for their next proverbial fix, no matter what it takes or where the funding comes from.

A rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse in Gauteng

Gauteng hosts a variety of living areas and suburbs where addicts would live, with certain specific areas being highlighted as some of the most severe in South Africa, even worse than the troubled areas and suburbs in the Western Cape. This should not come as a shock, as 25% of all the people in South Africa are living and working in Gauteng. Therefore, a logical conclusion leads to many rehabilitation centres in the Gauteng province, mostly in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria, with one of these centres being the Beethoven Recovery Centre – situated just outside Pretoria, away from the busy city life in Gauteng.

We make an effort

Commonly, alcoholics tend to return to their abusive ways after attending a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse, kicking the sober wellness lifestyle to the kerb. Therefore, alcohol rehabilitation centres would not show the necessary commitment towards these patients. After treatment, these addicts note that their stay in a specific rehabilitation centre was just a waste of good time, as their pride would get the better of their judgement once again. It all comes down to the level of commitment, not only from the patient, but also from the rehabilitation centre, with the choice falling solely on the person leaving that specific centre whether they would continue in the endeavour to a healthy and sober lifestyle or just abandon the cause altogether.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we have appointed dedicated employees to give comprehensive treatment to our patients. We expect full dedication from our staff, as it is the only way to deliver top-level treatment and provide an opportunity for healing and recovery to our patients. Being equipped with a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse, we can deliver the necessary treatment to give our patients a good chance at finding their way to sober living wellness once again. Our rehabilitation programme delivers a comprehensive treatment programme and would be tailored around each individual patient to ensure that they get the maximum amount of commitment from our side.

Admission to the rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse

Beethoven Recovery Centre only admits voluntary patients, demanding a level of commitment from our patients to ensure that they are focussed on getting back to a life free of any addiction. We only admit people that are 18 years or older for our rehabilitation programmes, with a focus to make everything as comfortable as possible for them. Our programme is highly rated on an international level and is focused on uniquely guiding a patient to an opportunity at choosing a lifestyle of sober living wellness, as their fate would always be in their own hands.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is at your service

Should you be looking for a rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre can offer a tranquil environment for healing and recovery. For more information, please peruse our website or contact us directly.

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