Rehab Therapy Programme

A Closer Look at Rehab Therapy

Rehab therapy concerns substance dependency, whether it is drug- or alcohol-related. The abuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to developing an addiction, which renders someone dependant on the specific substance and drives them to consume the substance more frequently and in bigger doses. Rehab therapy usually employs a programme designed by a centre, hospital, or unit to assist the dependent person to get back to a sober lifestyle. These rehab therapy programmes would usually cover a few weeks and can be very intensive and personal.

The Programme Used by Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s rehab therapy programme is based on an integrative model of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach and is designed for people of 18 years and older. Taking a closer look at the programme, conducted by our top professional staff, we find that the 1st phase comprises of an initial 3-week compulsory and intensive programme. The 1st week consists of the contemplation stage. During this week, the patient is afforded time for self-reflection and is guided to self-acceptance, allowing them to talk about their dependency without holding anything back. This leads to the 2nd week of our rehab therapy programme, in which the patient is empowered and equipped to fight their dependency and given the opportunity to recommit themselves to a sober lifestyle. During the 3rd week, the patient is assisted through a process of full recovery and healing of the body. Should the patient make the decision to choose a road that will lead to a sober and healthy lifestyle, these 3 weeks will be enough for them to have an opportunity at breaking with their addiction. After each week, the patient is given a weekly review that monitored the progress they made regarding their treatment plan. The 2nd part of the programme is ideally designed for those who feel they need more time, as it is completely voluntary and puts the focus on social reintegration and living a life free of addiction. This phase of the rehab therapy programme consists of 4 weeks, guiding the patient to maintain a sober lifestyle with healthy habits. During these weeks, the patient becomes well-equipped to face life’s challenges through medical lectures that cover topics such as ‘Establish a healthy lifestyle’, ‘How to manage physical and psychiatric problems which might have an effect on recovery’, ‘Education regarding medication’, and ‘What to expect and how to cope with life without alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances’. The last week of the rehab therapy programme concludes equipping and empowering the patient to find their way to a sober lifestyle. The reintegration and recycling stage direct the patient on reintegration into family and social life, along with their professional career. Our rehab therapy programme is aimed at offering our patients the opportunity to find their way to a life of sober living wellness, free of any form of addiction.

As we boast with a world-renowned rehab therapy programme, Beethoven Recovery Centre is a viable choice for people living in Gauteng. We offer a stunning and serene location that welcomes healing and rehabilitation of the mind and soul. We are situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range, next to the Hartbeespoort dam, just outside the city of Pretoria. Therefore, we are very close to medical depots for medicine when required, without compromising our remote location. Our patients are privileged to have their own housing units during their time with us, making the process easier and putting them within a comfortable environment. Waking up in the morning to a refreshing and tranquil day is far better than waking up between the 4 walls of a hospital in the middle of a city. Although our patients have their own accommodation, they remain under continuous observation to ensure their health and safety are uncompromised during their stay. Our premises are filled with beautiful gardens and recreational activities, including a gym, pool, table tennis, and croquet to fill the day of each patient and keep them active during their rehab therapy programme.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a proven rehab therapy programme that will not only grant our patients the opportunity at a life of sober living wellness, but also optimise their experience throughout their stay with us. Our location offers solace and ejects our patients from a busy and demanding city life, giving peace to the mind and soul to focus on self-healing without any outside distractions. Feel free to contact us directly with any further enquiries today.

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