Rehab Therapy Programme

An Effective Rehab Therapy Programme in Gauteng

Rehabilitation has a variety of negative connotations to it. Many people are under the impression that people who need rehab are weak and should be ridiculed for attending a rehab therapy programme. However, addiction is something that we must overcome as quickly as possible and on our own terms. Some people are mentally strong enough to overcome addiction without any assistance. However, the majority has no answers when facing addiction on their own. The most common mistake is to force someone into rehabilitation. By forcing them through such a programme, chances are only increased for relapsing.

A proper rehab therapy programme puts the focus on the individual. In contrast to generalising addicts, judging them for the situation they are in or ridiculing them for falling victim to an addictive substance, our programme offers a wholistic approach to deliver the platform for those who want to overcome their addiction. Addiction comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some related to addictive substances such as alcohol and nicotine, while others are related to behavioural addiction. Some people convince themselves that they are addicted to something that doesn’t contain any addictive substances, while others become unconsciously addicted to prescribed medication without realising that their bodies have developed an addiction.

It Comes Down to You

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer a rehab therapy programme that puts the focus on your entire being. This programme is designed to adapt to who you are as opposed to what you have become because of addiction. Therefore, our programme caters to your needs instead of catering to the needs of an average addict. If you are facing addiction and you do not know where to turn to, we have you covered. Our programme covers 7 weeks, of which the first part is compulsory and the second part is voluntary. We are also affiliated with a wide variety of medical schemes to ensure that our services can accommodate your needs accordingly.

Facing addiction is easier when you are surrounded by a supporting environment. We are located outside Pretoria, removed from the busy city hustle, and surrounded by mother nature. With the Magaliesberg mountains on one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other, you will be surrounded by serene and tranquil scenery to allow you to focus on yourself as opposed to being distracted by other aspects of daily life. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you. You must make a choice on your addiction, whether you want to fight it on your own terms or relapse into a downward spiral.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a rehab therapy programme that can deliver solutions for those who want to be free of addiction. We only admit willing people of 18 years and older to our rehabilitation centre. We have professional medical staff and offer comfortable private living quarters for our patients. For more info on how we can assist you through these trying times in South Africa, please browse our website for details. Feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries.

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