Rehab Therapy Programme

The Effectivity of a Rehab Therapy Programme

It is very easy to doubt the effectivity of a rehab therapy programme, especially when reading reviews on various programmes and the institutions implementing these programmes. However, at Beethoven Recovery Centre, we employ a world-renowned programme that comes highly recommended for people in need of rehab. Although it might seem like just another rehab programme, we define therapy differently by providing comfort and peace of mind for our patients.

The Rehab Therapy Programme of Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our rehab therapy programme is designed to fit people of 18 years and older. It is based on an integrative model utilising a bio-psycho-social-educational approach that spans over 7 weeks. These weeks are divided into 2 phases, of which the first phase is compulsory and covers the first 3 weeks. The second phase is voluntary, stretching over 4 weeks, and focussed on social reintegration.

The first 3 weeks are designed to educate the patient on their condition. This is done by introducing the patient to the drug’s effects and history. We also promote self-reflection and self-acceptance during this phase, inspiring the patient to come to terms with their addiction. This opens the door for the patient to make a conscious decision to completely break with the drug and to fight the dependency, should they wish to do so.

The ideal outcome for every patient is to be guided to a lifestyle that is healthy and free of the original addiction. Each week ends with a review and monitoring process to assess the progress of the patient. Should the patient feel strong enough to face life again, they can opt out after the first phase. However, the second phase is where the patient is guided to become independent from the drug. This phase encourages and empowers the patient to find a way in life that will not involve dependencies from various drugs and addictive behaviour. The final week focuses on social reintegration and facing life with self-confidence.

The Patient as the Acting Subject of Rehab Therapy

When a patient is released, the effectivity of the rehab therapy programme will completely rest on their shoulders. Should a patient relapse, the fault lies with the individual and not with the rehab centre or programme. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, the patient is our focus, as they are completely responsible for their own recovery. We give our patients our full commitment, having staff available around the clock, and giving them the necessary tools to fight their addiction.

As with any big change we introduce into our life, the decision lies with every individual to accept these changes or completely reject them. Therefore, any rehab therapy programme’s success will be dependent on the patient. We optimise our environment to inspire self-healing and self-reflection for every patient. As a result, they are equipped to deal with the challenges of breaking free from a long-term addiction. Whether they rise to the challenge and come out victorious is completely dependent on them.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers viable solutions for people in need of rehab therapy. Our programme is solid and internationally renowned to give our patients the best possible chance of overcoming addiction. Please contact us directly with any further enquiries.

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