Rehab Therapy Programme

When Rehab Therapy is Needed

Rehab therapy is recommended when a substance dependency starts to take control of a person’s life. With such a dependency, the individual will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their craving for that specific substance, altering their lives and influencing their daily routines. An addictive substance can include a wide variety of consumables, including food, that can serve as a crutch for an individual. Mostly, substance addiction is mental, but it can also turn into a physical dependency. Therefore, a good rehab therapy programme is recommended for people suffering from substance addiction.

A Suitable Rehab Centre

Nobody thinks about a rehab centre until they are in dire need of assistance. However, when rehab is required, most of the people do not know where to find a suitable rehab centre. Fortunately, we live in a digital age where information is freely available on the internet. Gauteng offers a large selection of rehab centres to choose from, one of which is Beethoven Recovery Centre.

Beethoven Recovery Centre and our Programme

Beethoven Recovery Centre is situated just outside of Pretoria and in the tranquillity of nature, at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains and next to the Hartbeespoort Dam. Our location promotes the self-healing process of every patient by creating a tranquil environment that is removed from the busy rush of city life. Our rehab therapy programme utilises an integrative model of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach, being designed for people of 18 years and older. This programme consists of 2 phases, of which the first phase is compulsory and the second completely voluntary. The first phase stretches over 3 weeks and is very intensive. The first week is called the contemplation week. During this week, the patient does a lot of self-reflection and talking about their dependency. The second week empowers the patient with the required tools to fight their dependency and gives them the opportunity to break with it. During the third week, the patient is guided to reach a point of recovery and healing of the body, should they choose to accept the challenge of fighting their addiction. Each week is rounded off with a weekly review indicating the progress made during that week. This process allows our personnel to keep the patient informed on their progress, which in turn can motivate the patient in the right direction. The second phase is ideally designed for a patient who wants more time to heal. This phase entails 4 weeks of equipping and empowering the patient to arrive at a point of soberness and a healthy lifestyle, should they choose to become sober and completely break with their addiction. This phase also guides and motivates the patient to reconnect with their family and friends, as well as their professional career. During their time at our rehab centre, our patients have the privilege to have personal housing units with 24-hour assistance available to them.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable solution for people suffering from substance dependence. Our rehab therapy programme is internationally renowned and can provide the opportunity for someone to break free of the ties that bind. For more information, please contact us directly with any enquiries.

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