Rehab Therapy Programme

Rehab Therapy Programme

Beethoven Recovery Centre specialises in rehab therapy for people addicted to drugs or alcohol. We also specialise in behavioural addiction. Our rehab centre admits people of 18 years and older. Our programme forms part of an integrative model of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach. This programme consists of 2 phases, starting with an initial 3-week period, which is compulsory and very intensive, followed by a 4-week period which is highly recommended, but completely voluntary.

The first 3-week phase of our programme puts the focus on the healing of the patient. This phase is filled with all the necessary tools to educate and inform the patient on their current situation. The first week offers a contemplation stage in which the patient learns to know more about their situation, which in their case is being addicted to a substance. The patient is also given the full details on that substance and all the effects it has on a person. That knowledge is indispensable for the existential decision the patient takes during their time with us.

This decision is whether to fight their addiction or simply relapse into a previous state. As this is no easy decision, this period is very intensive for each patient. The last week of the first phase is filled with all the necessary proverbial tools that the patient needs to conquer their addiction, should they choose to do so. Each week ends with a review on everything that happened during the past week, focusing on the progress being made and the way forward. This review also keeps the patient informed on their own progress, which is very healthy moving forward into the coming week.

The second phase of the programme carries the same importance as the first phase. Here, the patient is guided to maintain a sober lifestyle and live a healthy life. These 4 weeks are focused on empowering the patient with the necessary proverbial tools to become an active, healthy, and motivated person, standing on both legs with the self-confidence to face the world. These 4 weeks are filled with topics being presented on themes such as establishing a healthy lifestyle, managing physical and psychiatric problems that have an effect on recovery, education regarding medication, and what to expect and how to cope with life without alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances. This phase concludes with a reintegration and recycling stage, showing the patient how to reintegrate into their family, social life, and professional career. The success rate of this programme is very high, but completely dependent on the patient. The programme encourages the patient to take control of their life, at which point they will make a pivotal decision regarding their addiction.

Our website offers all the details you need for being admitted to our rehab centre, as well as details on medical aid schemes and relative information. You can also learn more about our premises, friendly personnel, location, and everything we offer our patients. Beethoven Recovery Centre is focused on making a positive change in the life of people that suffer from addiction. Our rehab therapy programme delivers an adaptive and usable solution for anyone dealing with addiction in their lives. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre today and let our comprehensive approach to rehab be the shining light at the end of the dark tunnel that is addiction.

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