Rehab Centre Gauteng

A Rehab Centre for People Living in Gauteng

Gauteng forms the heartbeat of this country, specifically on economic and educational levels. This province is second only to the Western Cape on medical level according to the South African Institute for Race Relations. These statistics show the intensity of actions taking place in Gauteng. Therefore, it makes this province a viable and attractive place to live in or visit when medical help and assistance is required. When specialised help is needed, as would be the case with rehabilitation, it is easy to be hesitant about admitting yourself to a rehab centre.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is one of the 20 top-ranked registered rehab centres in Gauteng, delivering exceptional services to our clients. Our programme can help people to overcome substance and alcohol abuse, as well as prescribed medicine addiction and behavioural addiction. Our location also promotes self-healing and self-reflection, as we are surrounded by nature and remote from the concrete jungle of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Situated just outside Pretoria, on the border between Gauteng and the North West Province, we are nestled in the heart of nature between the Magaliesberg mountains on the one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other. The open nature and fresh air supply our patients with a feeling of freedom and calmness, adding to their recovery process. This is a rehab centre that gives our patients tranquillity, making them feel like they are in a safe environment and removed from the busy life in the city.

There are only a few rehab centres in Gauteng that have access to a big garden and outdoor facilities for their patients. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we have quite a few extramural activities for our patients, including a gym and a swimming pool. Another addition is the accommodation for our patients. Since a hospital can quickly become depressing for patients, we have decided to supply our patients with separate rooms that are fitted with a kitchenette, a fridge, a microwave oven, DSTV, air-conditioning, and their own bathroom.

Most hospitals in Gauteng have the usual hospital food that is served to the patients in their wards. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we have an experienced chef that serves 3 nutritious meals to everyone every day. Snacks with tea or coffee in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late evening will also be provided.

We go the extra mile to accommodate our patients, making them feel at home and assisting them through their recovery process. With our focus on the patient, our programme gives them the opportunity to find a way to be free of their addiction. We can lead them to the proverbial water, but they must make the active decision to drink from the water. The results of the treatment fully rest on the shoulders of the patient, as they can decide to fight the good fight once they are released from our care, or simply get their fix and relapse immediately.

Our programme at Beethoven Recovery Centre covers every aspect of the patient. It covers 7 weeks in total, with the first phase of the programme being compulsory. The first phase will introduce the patient to the dangers of substance abuse and addiction. It will also educate them on the behavioural patterns of an addict and how it influences their daily lives. With the knowledge at hand, the patient can reflect on their life as an addict and be inspired to make an active choice to stop. However, such a choice is not something that comes easily for most addicts. The first step is to admit that you have a problem.

The second phase is complete voluntary and highly recommended for every patient in our care. This phase teaches the patient how to live a life of sober wellness, free from the addiction that negatively influenced their lives. This phase is all about continuing on a path that is controlled by them and not their addiction. They are also taught how to sustain a sober lifestyle and build a new life that is free of such a dependence.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice in a rehab centre that is ideal for people living in Gauteng. Our facilities and location are ideal for any person to forget about their daily problems and focus on themselves. For more info on how we can help you, please peruse our website today for details on our programme, premises, and location.

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