Rehab Centre

A Rehab Centre for People in Gauteng

A rehab centre’s function is to play a pivotal role in many people’s lives who deal with addiction. Such a centre should deliver the necessary programme to allow people to combat their addiction. Addiction comes in many forms. Some people are not even aware that their bodies have developed a dependency on a specific addictive substance, while others live in denial and react with high levels of anger when someone refers to them as an addict. Everyone is unique and should deal with addiction on their own terms accordingly.

Most rehab centres treat addicts as mere addicts and present them with a programme that treats them within the confines of being an addict as opposed to an individual. Therefore, most addicts will relapse once they leave rehab. In some cases, rehab centres will admit people against their will, with loved ones or life partners forcing them to attend such a programme in the hope that it will change their ways. The only way to truly overcome addiction is for the individual to make an active choice against the addiction. Such a decision and journey are far from easy. Therefore, our rehab centre is designed to serve your personal needs throughout such a journey.

Taking Care of the Person

Our rehab centre implements a programme that focuses on the individual within their current situation. By educating the individual on the effects of substance or behavioural addiction on their mind and body, the patient is empowered and equipped to make an informed decision on their addiction. Substance addiction is mostly a direct result of substance abuse, which is commonly developed through habitual patterns. In the case of alcohol or nicotine, such addictions normally start within a social environment. However, some forms of substance addiction can develop through other means.

The world of modern medicine has come a long way, delivering a cure for many ailments in the form of prescribed medication. Prescribed medication mostly contains harmful and addictive substances, which can lead to substance addiction. Therefore, if you are on prescribed medication over extended time periods, it is important to educate yourself on the specific medication that you are consuming. We also recommend that you consult your medical doctor about the dangers of substance addiction regarding your own prescriptions.

Overcoming Addiction

The first step to overcome addiction is to look for professional help. There are many rehab centres for people living in Gauteng. However, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a different approach to the conventional rehab centre. We are located outside of Pretoria, nestled in mother nature and away from the busy hustle of city life. With the Magaliesberg mountains on one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other, our surroundings create a tranquil and serene environment that promotes self-healing and reflection for our patients. If you struggle with addiction and you are 18 or older, we can be the proverbial light at the end of such a dark tunnel.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is open during the lockdown in South Africa, offering our rehab centre for people dealing with addiction during these trying times. We are affiliated with a selection of medical aid schemes to ensure that you can be admitted to our centre. Please contact us today with any enquiries on our programme and premises.

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