Rehab Centre

The Functionality of a Rehab Centre

A rehab centre provides care for people suffering from basically any form of addiction. Substance addiction includes the abuse of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication. Behavioural addictions such as eating disorders are also treated at a rehab centre. Most people who have been at rehab centres will state that it was a waste of good time and that their addiction was not cured. This gives rehab centres a bad reputation, which makes people reluctant to seek professional help at such an institution. However, when a sibling, family member, or close friend shows signs of addiction, the wise thing to do is to seek help for your loved one.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a professional and fully equipped rehab centre, admitting people of 18 years of age and older. Our programme is world-renowned and based around the needs and requirements of every individual patient. With the flexibility and adaptive functionality of our programme, we grant every patient the opportunity to break free of their addiction. The programme is split into 2 phases. The first phase gives the patient the necessary knowledge about their addiction to effectively combat and overcome it. The second phase is completely voluntary and comes highly recommended. In this phase, the patient is guided to reintegrate into society and find effective ways to an opportunity at a sober lifestyle.

Before a person is admitted to our rehab centre, we ensure that their medical aid scheme can pay for their treatment. This process gives peace of mind to the patient as well. Our friendly personnel will treat every patient with the necessary respect to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Our environment is complemented by our surroundings, giving the patient a calm and relaxed space to promote self-healing and reflection. Our professional medical personnel include doctors, a psychiatrist, and nurses to provide care around the clock for every patient.

The Programme and Accommodation

Our programme is internationally accredited and developed to fit the unique characteristics of every patient on an individual basis. Our programme covers 7 weeks of which the first 3 weeks are compulsory. During these 3 weeks, the patient is taught, guided, and motivated to fight their dependency and to adapt a healthier lifestyle that is free from addiction. The second half of the programme is highly recommended, and completely voluntary. This phase focusses on social reintegration and grabbing the opportunity at sober living wellness within a daily routine.

Apart from our professional personnel, our other outstanding characteristic is our accommodation. Our patients are not kept between 4 walls for the duration of their stay. They have the right to privacy. Therefore, we provide them with their own quarters to add to the calm and relaxed environment. They also have the freedom to explore the premises, partake in extramural activities, or marvel at the wonderful scenery of the Magaliesberg mountains and the Hartbeespoort dam.

Please peruse our website and read about the content of the programme, take a virtual tour to observe our scenery, and read the FAQs to ensure that all your questions are answered about our rehab centre. If you need more information, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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