Rehab Centre

The Purpose of a Rehab Centre

The ideal purpose of a rehab centre is to take care of and assist people with dependencies and mental illnesses, leading them on a road to recovery. This process involves the admittance of people in dire need of rehabilitation, providing professional assistance around the clock and seeing to their needs as well. As a result, the rehabilitation process would require professional staff and a solid rehabilitation programme to give the patient an opportunity at finding a way back to a sober lifestyle, free from the ties that bind them. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, our rehab centre admits people of 18 years and older, giving them the opportunity to choose to fight their addiction on their own terms and free themselves of the control it has over their lifestyle. Positive results are never a guarantee regarding rehabilitation, as addicts would need to sustain their own freedom and are responsible for their own life choices. Therefore, providing an ideal environment, along with a world-renowned programme and professional staff that works on a 24-hour availability, will optimise the rehabilitation process for people attending our rehab centre.

A Close-Proximity Rehab Centre

A rehab centre should provide a remote location, but not too far away from home, away from the busy city life to allow for optimal self-reflection. Therefore, if a person lives in Gauteng or the North West Province, Beethoven Recovery Centre is a very good choice as a rehab centre, since we are situated just outside Pretoria, in the peace and tranquillity of mother nature. Unlike most rehab centres where patients are kept in hospital rooms, our patients have the freedom of living in private accommodation, with our staff being available around the clock to see to their needs and requirements during their time at our rehab centre.

Purpose- and Programme-Driven

Our rehab centre is fully licenced as a private psychiatric hospital, as well as being a member of the National Hospital Network of South Africa. We are purpose-driven and effective, admitting our patients in a quick, friendly, and professional way, thus ensuring that the patient immediately feels at ease. Once the admittance process is complete, the patient is transferred to the caring hands of our professional staff, treating every individual with respect and seeing to their needs, not only as addicts, but as people.

Our rehab centre is programme-driven as well, implementing one of the best programmes in the world for our patients. This programme is developed in compatibility with the uniqueness of every patient, allowing for versatile application to suit every individual’s unique needs. It is built around a bio-psycho-social-educational approach, considering the biological, psychological, and social levels of the patient. It is divided into 2 phases, of which the first phase spans over 3 weeks and the second over 4 weeks. These two phases operate in tandem with each other, giving the patient the opportunity to choose a life of sober living wellness and breaking free of the ties that bind them. The first 3 weeks are focused on educating the patient and giving them the opportunity to choose to fight their addiction, informing and equipping them to do so on their own terms. The second part is completely voluntary and comes highly recommended, as this part enables the patient to find inner strength and sustain a sober lifestyle, should they choose to do so. As a result, the patient will have the confidence to reintegrate into society, equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain a life free of addiction.

Being admitted to the rehab centre does not mean that the patient has a 24-hour schedule to adhere to. Ample time is provided to rest and to enjoy all the good things in and around the centre. We are situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains and close to the Hartbeespoort dam, which serve as determining elements of nature to contribute to the peace and tranquil mindset of our patients. Added to that, we feature a beautiful garden on our premises, available for all our patients to enjoy on their own time. For those who want to exercise their bodies or compete on a social level, we offer a swimming pool and gym, complemented by a soccer field and volleyball pitch, tables for table tennis and pool, and a croquet field.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable solution to a rehab centre that is remote enough to be pulled out of the concrete jungle and provide a place of solace for self-reflection and healing. Contact us today for more information.

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