Rehab Centre

A Viable Rehab Centre

When it comes to finding an ideal and viable rehab centre that is focused on helping people suffering from drug, alcohol or behavioural addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers the necessary facilities and therapy programmes to lend assistance. We are fully licenced as a private psychiatric hospital, boasting with professional personnel in our reception area, admin, and medical departments.

Our therapy programme being implemented at our rehab centre is based on a world-renowned and internationally accredited integrative model of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach. This programme is applied by our professional psychiatrists and doctors, being adapted to fit the unique needs of every individual patient. During the initial phase of the programme, the patient undergoes testing to determine their specific needs and challenges, supplying the medical personnel with the ideal information to give the patient an opportunity to break with their addiction. This phase covers an intensive 3 weeks where the patient is informed, equipped, and empowered to not only fight their addiction, but overcome it completely if they choose to do so. No guarantees can be put on rehab, as the patient possesses the power of choice to either put their life back together or fall further into the abyss of addiction. The 2nd phase of our rehab centre’s therapy programme is voluntary and comes highly recommended, as it builds on the 1st phase and guides the patient to maintain themselves in real life, which can be a significant challenge for patients leaving a rehab centre in general. Therefore, the focus is on recovery and reintegration, as well as a healthy state of mind to live a life of sober wellness, free from their addiction and the proverbial ties that bind them.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is just outside Pretoria, on the border between Gauteng and the North West Province. We are situated in nature, close enough to the city when we need any medical supplies. Our rehab centre is nestled between the Magaliesberg mountains on the one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other. This creates an ideal environment for self-healing and self-reflection, granting a state of peace and solace that cannot simply be found within a busy and demanding environment. Our patients also enjoy the luxury of being accommodated in their own living quarters, with our medical personnel on standby around the clock for when a patient might need their assistance. Our recreational facilities also add to our premises, consisting of a gym, swimming pool, volleyball court, table tennis, and pool. Patients are also advised to play chess, as it is a helpful companion to the programme and an excellent way of exercising those brain muscles. With all these incredible features to enjoy and take full advantage of during a patient’s stay at Beethoven Recovery Centre, it makes sense that our rehab centre is a viable choice for anyone living in Gauteng, offering the remoteness needed for quality self-healing and the solace for proper self-reflection to have an opportunity at a life free of any addiction.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive approach to a rehab centre in Gauteng. For more information on our premises, therapy programmes, or location, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.

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