Rehab Centre

A Rehab Centre for People Needing Help

As the notion of rehab is something that people know little about, with most people not even willing to talk about it, the subject becomes a reality when someone is suffering from any form of addiction. When it becomes clear that someone close to you has an addiction, a natural instinct would be to start looking for help. Some will ask people who are familiar with rehabilitation and others will browse the internet for answers and viable options. Therefore, it is crucial for people to have fore-knowledge about rehab centres, and especially about an effective rehab centre in close proximity.

Introducing Beethoven Recovery Centre

If a person is 18 years or older and suffers from a substance abuse problem, is addicted to drugs or prescription medication, or displays behavioural addictions, Beethoven Recovery Centre can serve as a very good option. We are situated on the border between Gauteng and the North West Province, just outside Pretoria. Therefore, our centre is within reach of most parts of these small provinces. What makes us a very good option is the fact that our premises are situated outside the city, but also in close proximity. We are situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains and adjacent to the Hartbeespoort dam, creating an environment of peace and tranquillity for every patient, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. As a result, our patients will experience the benefits of having peace and serenity within sensible proximity to home.

Our patients are accommodated in their own living quarters and have the freedom to explore and experience the tranquil environment, not only of the mountain and the dam, but also of our beautiful gardens on the premises. If that is not enough, we also feature recreational facilities for patients who seek exercise or a solid workout. Our patients have access to a gym and a swimming pool, should they want to burn some calories. We also feature a volleyball court and tables for table tennis and pool. Patients can also play chess, which is highly recommended for a mental workout.

Having established that our premises offer peace of mind and tranquillity to our patients, the focus shifts to what makes Beethoven Recovery Centre an effective rehab centre for those attending and willing to break with their addiction. Our centre is fully licenced as a private psychiatric hospital, being a proud member of the National Hospital Network in South Africa. From a patient’s initial admission, they will discover a high level of professionality from our personnel. This level of professionality starts at our reception and extends to our medical personnel as well. The admitted patient will immediately feel at home due to the friendliness of the personnel, which is complemented by the friendly environment.

Our rehab centre personnel consist of professional doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses required to attend to the specific needs of every patient. Our programme is internationally accepted and constructed to be adaptable for the unique needs of every patient. The initial 3 weeks has a balanced approach to the patient, helping them to come to grips with the addiction and rehab process and guiding them on a path that can lead to full recovery. Our programme grants the patient the opportunity to break with their addiction, as the final result will depend on their decision regarding their own future. After the initial 3 weeks, the patient will be equipped with the necessary knowledge about their addiction and the required tools to overcome it. The next 4 weeks, which is voluntary but highly recommendable, are filled with assistance to give our patients the opportunity to reintegrate into society and face life again with confidence. Therefore, the focus rests on recovery, reintegration, and a healthy state of mind to live a life of sober wellness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a rehab centre that can be a viable solution for people suffering from addiction. For more information on our programme and premises, feel free to peruse our website for details. Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us directly and let us extend the hand of help to those suffering from addiction and in need of our help and guidance. Let Beethoven Recovery Centre be the shining light at the end of a dark tunnel for those who are slaves to their addiction.

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