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The Attributes of a Professional Rehab Centre

When people suffer from a psychiatric problem or a form of addiction, the people around them, usually direct family members or someone in their friend group, would browse the internet for viable solutions, especially with their health and peace of mind as a priority. Therefore, being aware of specific rehab centres and psychiatric hospitals in the immediate area can be very beneficial to potential emergency situations. To find the ideal rehab centre or psychiatric hospital for someone in your friend group or direct family will take some research to match the specific attributes of a professional centre to the needs of the person who might potentially need such an institution in the future. Today, we will focus on those specific attributes.

First, a professional rehab centre should always be licenced to grant medical schemes coverage of certain costs and allow the person to be admitted. Beethoven Recovery Centre features a private psychiatric hospital that is licensed and a proud member of the National Hospital Network – supplying a proverbial umbrella for all the independently owned private hospitals in South Africa.

The location of the specific centre is another pivotal point. It could happen that someone looks for a recovery centre and finds a suitable option, but the location is unreachable without hefty travelling. Beethoven Recovery Centre is located in Hartbeespoort, offering a viable option for those living in Gauteng and the North-West Province as it is close to Pretoria and easily accessible with a small drive from the city. With Beethoven Recovery Centre situated close to the Hartbeespoort dam and at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains, our patients experience an environment of serenity and tranquillity, free from the busy and rushed environment of the concrete jungle.

A complementing aspect would be the vibe and aesthetics at a psychiatric centre, which would mostly be unwelcome and almost asylum-like in many ways. In most cases, patients arriving and checking in at psychiatric hospitals would be treated as just another number, without any personal connection from the staff. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers an aesthetically pleasing environment that is aimed at providing solace for our patients as opposed to treating them like sick patients in a hospital-like environment where nobody cares for their personal wellbeing. Our friendly and professional staff will treat every patient with respect and kindness to ensure that they feel welcome with us. Our premises also feature a swimming pool, a gym, and beautiful gardens to add to the already-impressive aesthetic value, with some recreational facilities such as a pool table, a volleyball course, a cricket field, table tennis, croquet, and more to be enjoyed by our patients.

Another determining factor for an ideal and professional psychiatric hospital or rehab centre would be the staff themselves. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, our priority is to have professional and educated staff at hand to serve our patients, as only a good team of professionals will be able to help a patient to the best advancement of their health. Our team consists of all the relevant medical professionals, offering complete standby around the clock and striving for optimal result with every patient. We admit patients of 18 years and older at our rehab centre, where we specialise in treating the following addictions: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, prescription medication abuse, and behavioural addictions.

The final and decisive aspect of an effective rehab centre or psychiatric hospital is the programme that will be used to assist patients on the road to recovery. Beethoven Recovery Centre is implementing a programme that can be utilised in a unique way to fit the personal needs of every individual patient. As opposed to belittling or humiliating our patients, we specialise in empowering every patient to give them the opportunity to overcome their addiction or cope with their mental illness. Our programme, which is internationally accepted, consists of 2 phases: A compulsory 3-week programme, informing and equipping our patients about their specific mental illness or substance addiction, followed by a 4-week programme that is focused on recovery and reintegration, allowing our patients to have the opportunity at a life free of the controlling binds of addiction or certain mental illness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable solution for those living in and around Gauteng and suffering from substance addiction or mental illness. For more information about our rehab centre, our psychiatric hospital, or the programmes we implement, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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