Recovery Centre Gauteng

Where to Find a Viable Recovery Centre in Gauteng

When it comes to locating an ideal recovery centre in Gauteng, various viable options will come to light. Beethoven Recovery Centre is one of these options, providing a viable and remote location for anyone living in the Gauteng area to get the help they need to face life free from addiction or a certain mental illness. Our facility offers a tranquil environment that encourages self-reflection and awareness to overcome the challenges of addiction and mental illness within a controlled environment and with professional assistance. Beethoven Recovery Centre is fully registered with the National Hospital Network, the Department of Social Development North West, the Department of Health North West, the Board of Healthcare Funders, and Discovery Health to ensure that your medical aid can assist in paying for these medical services. We accept and admit members of up to 40 different medical health schemes, with a complete list available on our website. Our friendly staff will also ensure that your stay with us is greeted with welcoming kindness, as well as showing the necessary respect towards our patients from our medical professionals. Our team of professionals include psychiatrists, counselling and clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, case managers, general practitioners, registered nurses, and a social worker for a comprehensive approach to running a recovery centre. These professionals are using an integrative model which follows the bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach to guide our patients individually and give them an opportunity to break free of their addictions and find a way to a sober lifestyle, free of any addiction. Our implemented programmes are world-renowned and allows our patients to be equipped and empowered to overcome addiction and mental illness in an effective and self-reliant manner, giving them the tools to face life from a self-dependent and free perspective.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is ideal for people living in Gauteng, as we feature a psychiatric hospital and a rehabilitation unit on our premises. The psychiatric hospital is equipped to treat psychiatric disorders, which include psychotic disorders, mood disorders, conversion disorders, and anxiety disorders, admitting people of 16 years and older. Our professional services include a daily consultation by a psychiatrist and psychologist, as well as a weekly lecture on psychiatric disorders, where the patients are taught about their illness and how to successfully handle it. Our rehabilitation unit serves as a potential life-changer for people who suffer from substance dependency. Our rehabilitation programme empowers our patients to get the knowledge and necessary skills to overcome their addiction and make a choice to break with it completely. Our rehabilitation unit is open to people of 18 years and older, and can be the place where patients can turn their lives around for the better and choose a life of sober living wellness, free from the binding ties of addiction.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is located within a serene and tranquil environment that provides solace to our patients and allows them to focus on their individual beings, away from the concrete jungle of city life in Gauteng. Our premises are adjacent to the Hartbeespoort dam, at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains – creating an ideal atmosphere for total recovery and a viable option for a recovery centre for people living in Gauteng. Our premises feature beautiful gardens within a natural setting, along with our recreational activities that consist of a gymnasium, swimming pool, volleyball court, soccer field, croquet, table-tennis table, and a pool table. We also recommend that our patients play chess, as it is a healthy mental exercise that can improve overall decision-making skills and self-preservation.

Our recovery centre is ideal for people living in Gauteng, with a remote and tranquil environment that promotes healing and reflection. Nobody can make any guarantee on the process of recovery, as it mainly depends on every individual to make a decisive choice to overcome their addiction or mental illness, but our programmes, combined with our location, will deliver an optimised experience for anyone in need of our services. Our programmes consist of 2 phases, with the second phase being voluntary and allowing the patient to choose the outcome of their immediate future. For more information on our programmes, facilities, or location, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre today and let us give you the opportunity at a healthy lifestyle.

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