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Gauteng and COVID-19

People are very reluctant to move around due to the high contagiousness of COVID-19. However, the effects of lockdown can have devastating consequences. With the ban on tobacco and alcohol product resale, many people are becoming aware of their dependency on these substances. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Although smoking is habitual, it can quickly turn into an addiction. Alcohol is also addictive, starting as a social activity and turning into a full-blown addiction for alcoholics.

During these trying times, it can be particularly challenging to find the necessary support for people who want to deal with their addiction. We offer a recovery centre for people living in Gauteng that want to take control of their lives and rid themselves of their addiction to a specific substance. If you have concluded that your body is dependent on alcohol or nicotine, we can help you fight such an addiction. Our programme and professional personnel will deliver the platform for you to have the opportunity to make an active choice to break with your addiction, on your own terms.

How Safe Is Beethoven Recovery Centre?

Being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, our recovery centre had to adjust to all the expectations and requirements of the government. When someone wants to be admitted to our recovery centre, they will go through a thorough screening process beforehand. Our personnel and patients are also screened on a continuous basis to assure that our premises are always clean and safe. The good news is that we are virus-free and ready to assist you. Therefore, you will not be alone when dealing with your addiction throughout these difficult and trying times.

An Option for People in Gauteng

Beethoven Recovery Centre serves addicts who want to get rid of their addiction, as well as people suffering from a mental illness. Mental health patients must be 16 or older to be admitted, and addicts should be 18 years or older. Addiction can be defined as being dependent on a specific addictive substance. These substances can include prescribed medicine as well. A mental illness or psychiatric disorder, can be described as a health condition which involves a change in a person’s emotions, thinking patterns, or behaviour. It can also be a combination of all these symptoms. Most of the time, these illnesses are not completely curable, but can be treated to assist the patient to take control of their life and learn to cope with their mental illness accordingly.

Our rehabilitation unit takes care of people with an addiction, while our psychiatric hospital treats people with mental illnesses. We are outside of Pretoria, removed from all the traffic and stress of the city and its surroundings. We are surrounded by scenic and beautiful nature, with the Magaliesberg mountains on the one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other. Calmness and tranquillity form part of our daily business, creating a calm environment to promote healing and self-reflection for our patients.

How Can a Recovery Centre Help Me?

We admit patients only on a voluntary basis. Therefore, each patient must show their willingness to go through our programme and cannot be admitted against their will. For mental health patients, the programme will assist you in finding a way to effectively deal with the effects of your specific mental disorder. In many instances, mental disorders require recurring treatment and cannot be fully cured. Therefore, we ensure that we deliver the necessary services to cater for your specific needs.

For addicts, the programme delivers a solid and effective solution to breaking with your addiction. When someone is forced into breaking with their addiction, chances will only increase that they will relapse at the first possible moment. Therefore, the combination of our adaptive programme and our tranquil environment will give you the means to make an active decision on your addiction. To truly break with your addiction, you must make such a choice for yourself, based on your own personal experiences and opinions. Otherwise, you are likely to fall back into your same routines once leaving our care.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice if you are looking for a rehab centre or psychiatric care unit in Gauteng. Our doors are open during the COVID-19 lockdown, ensuring that you can get the care that you need during these trying times. For more info on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details on our premises and programme. Take control of your life today with us on your side.

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