Recovery Centre Gauteng

A Need for Recovery Centres in Gauteng

Gauteng has the largest population of all the provinces in South Africa. A logical conclusion leads to Gauteng having a large pool of medical hospitals and treatment centres to serve the large population living in the province. A large selection of the available recovery centres in Gauteng is in Johannesburg and Pretoria. As the demand is extremely high, most of these centres are full of patients being treated for a variety of addictions and mental illnesses. However, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a fresh approach regarding recovery.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

People living in Gauteng experience a very demanding and fast-paced lifestyle that can commonly be the cause of a behavioural addiction, substance abuse, or the development of a mental illness. Beethoven Recovery Centre consists of a psychiatric hospital and a rehabilitation unit. Both these units are registered with the National Hospital Network, the Department of Social Development North West, the Department of Health North West, and the Board of Healthcare Funders. More than 40 different medical health schemes are affiliated with our recovery centre, making it possible for people to be admitted without any financial risk. Our patients experience a friendly environment where our trained professional teams treat them with respect. Our premises also promote self-reflection and self-healing with a serene and tranquil environment.

Our recovery centre utilises a very effective programme for all our patients. The programme follows a bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach, adapting to every individual’s needs and requirements. The programme covers 7 weeks, of which the first 3 weeks are compulsory, and the next 4 weeks completely voluntary. The first part of the programme can become intensive and is focussed around informing and equipping the patient regarding their addiction or mental illness. However, the outcome of this programme is solely reliant on the patient, as their mindset will determine the effectiveness of the programme. If they choose to break with their addiction or get a grip on their mental illness, this programme will provide the opportunity for a life of sober living wellness for addicts and a healthy state of mind for people suffering from mental illness.

The Environment

The immediate environment of our recovery centre in Gauteng acts as a promoter for healing and serenity. The location is exquisite, as we are located outside of the city of Pretoria – at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains, and very close to the Hartbeespoort dam. This location puts our centre in reaching distance from Pretoria. With such naturally beautiful surroundings, our patients are brought to a peaceful and serene state of mind to promote the focus on themselves and their healing process.

Our premises provide more than enough room for strolling. We feature beautiful gardens and open spaces where mother nature is displayed in complete beauty. We also feature some recreational activities for those who want to stay active, providing them with extramural activities like soccer, volleyball, croquet, a well-equipped gym, and a lovely swimming pool. We are aware of the demanding lifestyle of the modern-day individual. Therefore, we aim to remove the individual from the proverbial rat race and provide them with an environment that promotes self-reflection and a slow and steady flow of time.

Our recovery centre in Gauteng follows a very flexible and adaptive programme that caters to the individual’s specific needs and requirements. Our personnel are trained professionals and treat each patient with the necessary respect and friendliness. They are also available around the clock to attend to the needs of every patient. The patient will receive weekly feedback on their progression throughout the programme, consisting of 7 weeks in total.

The initial phase of the programme is compulsory, equipping and empowering the patient to face their addiction or mental disorder. As a result, the patient can make a conscious decision to fight their addiction or get to grips with their mental disorder. Once the patient has chosen their path, the results of the programme completely rests on their shoulders. In conclusion, our programme is versatile and effective to the point where our treatment will give every patient the opportunity at a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a rehabilitation unit and psychiatric hospital for people living in Gauteng that will remove them from the busy city life. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our programme and premises.

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