Recovery Centre

The Basics of a Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers the facilities, location, and personnel to offer professional treatment and therapy for people suffering from a mental illness or substance addiction. Our premises include a rehabilitation centre that is focused on providing care for patients who are dealing with different types of addiction, including substance and behavioural addiction. We also have a psychiatric centre that offers treatment to people suffering from mental disorders. Since there is such a wide variety of mental disorders, it is truly difficult for a person to correctly identify their condition without a professional to diagnose them. Therefore, we offer a professional team of medical experts to ensure that patients are correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly.

We are located just outside Pretoria, between the Magaliesberg mountains and the Hartbeespoort dam. The location is specifically selected to promote self-healing and self-reflection for our patients. The process of rehabilitation requires a unique approach when compared to treatment for mental illness. Patients who suffer from mental illness are not to be blamed for their condition. They are to be treated to their according needs instead. Some instances of mental illness can be cured, while others are permanent and require recurring treatment. On the other hand, people who have developed substance addictions are to blame for their destructive behaviour.

The Beginning of Addiction

A recovery centre is a place where addicts can be admitted getting the help and motivation to break with their dependence in life. A dependent life is lived only by the extent of the shackles to which you are bound. Therefore, your will is not your own anymore. Your life is built around feeding your addiction and obeying your dependence. That does not sound like a life worth living. Substance addiction starts with substance abuse whether the substance is food, alcohol, or some form of drug. Such behaviour is common in most people, abusing specific substances that they enjoy more than others.

Behavioural addiction is also a big issue. The cause behind such an addiction mainly springs off a specific belief system. Such a system can be based on many aspects, including religion, conviction, and even fear. Behavioural addiction is mostly based on feeding substance addiction or getting a specific rush from it. Gamblers love the sheer rush of gambling on the odds, which in turn feeds their addiction for gambling. They are merely simplistic examples of behavioural addiction, as this subject goes much deeper and is much more common in people than they would acknowledge or ever realise in their lives.

Our programme consists of 7 weeks of treatment, split into 2 definitive phases. As a recovery centre, we pride ourselves in our programme and the way we provide treatment by implementing it. This programme is adaptable to the specific needs of each individual who is admitted to our centre. Therefore, the patient can expect special and individualised treatment during their time with us.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice in rehabilitation therapy for people suffering from substance or behavioural addiction. For more info on how we can assist you, please peruse our website today for details on our premises, programme, and medical team. Break free from the shackles that bound you in life with us on your side. Take control of your life through professional rehabilitation therapy.

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