Recovery Centre

The Mindset of Beethoven Recovery Centre

Recovery centres are facilities where people are treated to overcome addiction or deal with specific mental illness. Treatment programmes are implemented to optimise this process of healing and self-empowerment. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive approach to recovery and rehabilitation.

A person that is admitted to our psychiatric hospital should at least be 16 years of age. It is imperative that the person is admitted on an exclusive voluntary basis. From the admission onwards, the patient will be treated by our friendly personnel – assisting them with dignity and integrity, making life as easy as possible for them, and putting them at ease with their situation. This is very important for us, as we want the patient to feel at home all the time. We also offer patient observation around the clock, implying that our personnel will always be available for when a patient needs their assistance.

Our Facilities

Our psychiatric hospital is well-equipped and fully licensed, complying to all the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities, as well as the medical schemes in South Africa. We offer our patients a private residential rehabilitation unit, avoiding any clustering and overlapping of living quarters. The tranquillity of the environment is achieved through our ideal location. Although we are close to Pretoria, our location is within nature – at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains and close to the Hartbeespoort dam. This creates an optimal environment for our patients to heal. It also constitutes the first step for their healing process. Our facilities are rounded off by our beautiful gardens and all the extramural activities that we offer. Please take the virtual tour on our home page and discover everything you can enjoy while spending time at our recovery centre.

The Programme

Our programme forms part of a world-renowned integrative model based on a bio-psycho-social-educational approach and proves to have a very high success rate. The programme can be divided into two phases, starting with a 3-week compulsory phase that is followed by a 4-week voluntary phase. Both these phases are filled with intense sessions in which the patient is assisted and guided with therapy to get back to a life free of the proverbial ties that bind. However, the success of the programme solely depends on the individual. Our programme empowers and educates our patients to give them the reigns and make a decision on how they are going to live life.

The first 3 weeks guide the patient to understand their condition, commit to recovery, and make an active decision on the way forward. This also helps the medical practitioners to formulate a unique treatment plan for the patient. During this phase, the patient will undergo a medical examination, a psychological assessment that includes psychometric testing, and a psychiatric evaluation, if necessary. Every week ends with a progress report for the patient, helping them to see their own progression throughout their time with us. This is followed by a discussion on the steps planned for the next week. Transparency with our patients is top priority.

The second phase of the programme contains a depth of support and empowerment to motivate and assist the patient before leaving the recovery centre. This phase embodies the reintegration of the patient into society. It also grants the necessary knowledge to handle their situation moving forward. This is a much-needed part for our psychiatric patients, as their recovery takes more time and needs all the proverbial tools to repel any relapse. Although it spans over a period of a full month, the patient is guaranteed to benefit from it all.

It is imperative for people suffering from mental illness to get a professional and accurate diagnosis of their illness. Therefore, they can receive proper and professional treatment that would assist them on their way to enjoy life to its fullest. Most mental illnesses are not 100% curable. Therefore, medical professionals should treat them to ensure the best outcomes. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, this is our highest priority. We support our patients in every way we can to ensure their well-being, both mentally and physically.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers everything that is expected from a recovery centre. Our tranquil location provides a peaceful and serene environment that promotes healing and self-reflection. For more information, feel free to browse our website for details on our implemented programmes, our facilities, and our team of medical personnel.

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