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Recovery in a Suitable Environment

Mental illness requires professional and accurate diagnosis and treatment to ensure that a person suffering from a specific form of mental illness can have a fair and equal chance at enjoying life. Not every mental illness can be cured, but all of them can be treated in some form. While the programmes for drug and alcohol rehabilitation supply the tools for a patient to completely break with their addiction, mental illness requires psychiatric rehabilitation to empower the patient to handle the illness to the best of their ability. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we strive to treat our patients with utmost respect, no matter what type of mental illness they are experiencing, giving them the tools and knowledge to allow them to overcome the challenges being set in their way by the specific illness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers Well-equipped Facilities

Having a well-equipped, licensed psychiatric hospital that complies to the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities and medical schemes in South Africa, Beethoven Recovery Centre goes a step further by adding a private residential rehabilitation unit for all our patients suffering from addiction. To assist our patients with a world-renowned programme in hand, all the professional personnel needed to make this commitment come true, are at our patients’ disposure. The environment in which our facilities are located, provides a tranquil and inviting state of serenity, enhancing the process of healing and recovery. Being at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains, and very close to the Hartbeespoort dam, our patients can enjoy a calm and worry-free stay at our hospital. To add to this, patients also have access to a soccer field and a volleyball and croquet court. We also offer indoor activities such as pool, table tennis, and chess. For exercising purposes, we provide our patients with a swimming pool as well as a gymnasium for a comprehensive experience to allow them to focus on their recovery and treatment.

Admission Procedures at Beethoven Recovery Centre

The minimum required age for admission to our psychiatric hospital is 16, with patient admittance being on an exclusive voluntary basis. Admission procedures include the constant availability of our psychiatric and nursing personnel around the clock. Our friendly reception personnel will treat every patient, including any relatives and friends, with dignity and integrity, with similar treatment to be expected from our professional medical staff towards our patients. Therefore, our aim is to make a new patient feel comfortable within their new environment, resulting in Beethoven Recovery Centre walking the extra mile to take care of our patients’ well-being from the very beginning of their journey with us.

Our programme consists of an integrative model based on a bio-psycho-social-educational approach, which is commonly used and highly acclaimed. The rehabilitation covers 7 weeks of intense communication, assistance, guidance, therapy, and commitment. The initial 3 weeks are compulsory, and focus on the following:

  • Contemplation, commitment, and action by the patient.
  • A medical examination of the patient done by our general practitioner.
  • A psychological assessment of the patient, which includes psychometric testing.
  • A psychiatric evaluation of the patient, if necessary.
  • The formulation of a unique treatment plan for every patient to optimise their experience.

Each week is concluded with a progress report to inform our patients on their personal progress throughout the programme. The following week’s treatment is also discussed between our psychiatrists and patients, preparing the patient for what lies ahead. Having concluded the initial 3 weeks, the patient is recommended to enter the 2nd phase of the programme with the option to leave if they do not wish to take part in the next 4 weeks of the programme. Although the 2nd phase focuses on reintegration into society and gaining more knowledge to sustain a healthy lifestyle, none of our patients will be forced to attend or complete this phase of treatment.

A lot of questions can arise from browsing through our website, and we are more than willing to answer all of them. If you are in the position where you need more information about our facilities or the programmes we implement to help and assist the people in need of our services, please contact us directly with any enquiries. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers recovery, healing, and reintegration for people suffering from mental illness or addiction and can be the helping hand you need to get back on your feet again. Choose us and experience the positive difference we can make in your life.

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