Psychiatric Treatment in Hartbeespoort

Location, location, location

Location is one of the determining factors that plays a unique role in almost every segment of our life. People like to choose a specific place, town, or city, with a specific suburb where they want to live, work, and be happy. Statistics indicate that the quality of people???s lives and work is many times in direct correlation to the ???quality??? ??? the ergonomics ??? of their workplace. The better the environment where one spends most of their day, the better the spiritual well-being and output of the person will be.

Location also applies to people with illness. Complementary to the quality and efficiency of the doctors and nurses, is the environment in which the healing takes place. This rings even more true when talking about psychiatric treatment. The psychiatric patients need tranquillity, with a safe and secure environment as part of their healing process and well-being. This gives psychiatric treatment in Hartbeespoort the edge when someone in need of help must choose where to go and get treatment. As water and mountains are two of the elements of nature that contribute to what can be described as serenity, Hartbeespoort is just the right place to go when in need of treatment.


A city is a very busy place, mostly creating a feeling of tenseness and restlessness for the people living there. In most cases, a city also boasts with the best medical treatment, doctors, and available medicines. In contrast to a busy city, nature is the best place to create an environment of healing, tranquillity, and inner peace, though it lacks the availability of good medical care and treatment. The Beethoven Recovery Centre, which is a private company, took the best of both these worlds by nestling itself into the mountains of the Magaliesberg, next to the Hartbeespoort dam, just outside the city of Pretoria. By doing this, we created the best place for psychiatric treatment ??? in Hartbeespoort.

Psychiatric Treatment

To go for psychiatric treatment is not an easy decision, also not desirable, as we are proud creatures by nature and do not like to admit that something has gone wrong in our lives. The inevitable happens sometimes, and we find ourselves in a situation where there is only one resort left ??? psychiatric treatment. A cold and clinical hospital immediately jumps to mind, reducing the will to be admitted to this cynical place where one is mostly treated as a number or a thing. However, there are places like our centre in Hartbeespoort that would make the experience less traumatic and more comfortable ??? a place where patients are treated with dignity and integrity, where the personnel are friendly and supportive. This is the characteristics of the psychiatric hospital at Beethoven Recovery Centre.

In our psychiatric hospital, we admit patients from the age of 16 years. Psychiatric treatment just gets a new meaning when done at this hospital in Hartbeespoort, as it boasts with constant and continuous psychiatric and nursing oversight for all psychiatric disorders. This includes medical examinations by our doctors, as well as psychiatric evaluation and daily consultations for every patient. Added to this is psychological assessment and therapy ??? both individual and in groups. The utilising of arts and sports for occupational therapy and recreation is also linked to this.

Occupational therapy is done through music and art, complemented by relaxation and skills training, while the sports activities include almost everything the patient can think of ??? from swimming and gym to ball games like pool, volleyball, and cricket. These activities are utilised in support of the psychiatric treatment here at Hartbeespoort.

We at Beethoven Recovery Centre aim at pleasing our customers by making life easy and comfortable for our patients. Because we are passionate about our services, help, and support of our patients, we always walk the extra mile to ensure that they have a memorable time here in a scenic natural environment that is beneficial to their well-being.

For more information on all our services and support, please feel free to browse our website to your leisure. If you need more information on our psychiatric treatment here in Hartbeespoort, you are most welcome to call us, or write an e-mail containing all your questions and uncertainties. Our friendly personnel will be of great assistance to give you all the information you need.

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