Psychiatric Treatment for ADHD

Is Effective Psychiatric Treatment for ADHD a Myth?

We all go through troubling and challenging phases in our lives, and nowadays, it seems that ADHD gets blamed for a lot of these challenges. Modern psychiatry fights a daily battle on the myths and truths that surround this condition, and there are sceptics out there that constantly try to prove that ADHD is a condition created by pharmaceutical companies trying to boost their bottom lines through prescriptions for drugs to treat ADHD. The truth is that ADHD is a very real condition and psychiatric treatment for ADHD has proven to be very successful in a lot of cases.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects children and adults. There is a widespread belief that this is a condition that only children suffer from, but over the last two decades, it has become very clear that adults are affected almost as much as children. The symptoms include an inability to focus on any one thing for even short periods of time, forgetting things, constantly losing things, tardiness, procrastination, being unable to start and work towards the finishing of tasks or projects, being disorganised and a poor attention span. The hyperactivity symptoms tend to be internalised, hence the inability to concentrate on anything for any given period.

Popular Myths of ADHD

  • There is no such condition: Studies have proven without a doubt that this condition does exist in both children and adults. Often, it starts in childhood, but as the person grows older, they learn to cope better with the condition and the symptoms, which is why it is not that obvious when an adult suffers from it.
  • ADHD is there for life: This is not always the case. If someone receives good psychiatric treatment for ADHD, they can be given medication, tools and skills to deal with the situation quite successfully, to the point that it doesn???t affect their lives to a great extent.
  • ADHD people are lazy or stupid: Often, ADHD sufferers are highly energetic and highly intelligent.
  • ADHD is over-diagnosed: This is still a very debatable subject, but good psychiatric evaluation is necessary to accurately diagnose the condition. It is unlikely that a GP with very little psychiatric experience will be able to accurately diagnose the condition, and this is why they usually refer patients to a psychiatrist for tests and diagnoses.
  • Medication for ADHD will make you seem drugged and slow: This is not the case. Most medications work in a way that optimises brain performance to great effect. This means that the patient is able to carry on treatment and live a normal life without feeling drugged or tired.
  • Non-medication treatment of ADHD is best: Of course, there are people who do not want to take drugs all the time, but the best treatment programmes include both medication and counselling. Good psychiatric treatment for ADHD includes both of these elements in a safe environment.

Effective Psychiatric Treatment for ADHD

Often, ADHD is also combined with other mental disorders, such as depression, and while all the symptoms can be treated, it is essential to get down to the root causes of the condition. Psychiatrists approach these challenges from a variety of angles. Physical tests on concentration and perception, discussions and counselling, and even identifying chemical imbalances via blood tests are required in order to make an effective, comprehensive diagnosis.

If you are seeking effective psychiatric treatment for ADHD, we provide the best solution for you. We specialise in the residential treatment of a variety of conditions, including depression, ADHD, and many other mental conditions. We provide you with a safe and comforting environment where you can focus on getting better and not worry about anything else. We have a large staff complement that is trained to assist and support ADHD patients, and patients with a variety of other mental disorders. We go the extra mile to ensure that you get better, and your recovery and improvement are at the top of our list when it comes to our provision of care.

Our professionals are always on call to ensure that you get better, and that you are supported. Give our team at Beethoven Recovery Centre a call for help as soon as you need it, and we will be there to help.

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