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The Benefits of Our Residential Psychiatric Therapy for Older Teens

We all know that teens can be difficult, but in cases where teenagers start showing signs of severely aberrant behaviour or emotional problems later in their teenage years, when they get involved with substance abuse or become violent or deviant, they need help. But, the family is often not in a position to effectively deal with the teen or help him or her with recovery.

This usually leads to the family being adversely affected by the behaviour of a teen facing psychological or mental problems. Often, despite seeking help from therapists or doctors, they are not equipped to assist with recovery, as they are affected as well, and in these cases, it is best that teens are treated in a residential psychiatric therapy programme.

Teens facing depression, coping with ADD, or dealing with substance abuse and other similar mental conditions will greatly benefit from a programme at a residential facility, and at Beethoven Recovery Centre, we provide outstanding residential psychiatric therapy for teens at Hartbeespoort. Here, we provide them with a space where they can recover in a structured environment that is caring and safe, and our programmes foster their development, healing and growth. We provide all the support and guidance that they need to deal with their challenges, and here they learn to form new, healthier patterns of behaviour, and use tools for problem solving and dealing with life in a more constructive manner.

Our structured programmes at our facility in Hartbeespoort provide an opportunity for teens above 16 years to get enough time and distance to make changes in their behaviour. Our residential programmes remove the teen from their regular environments, where they find healing difficult and where they can act out destructively, and we move them into a therapeutic environment for a period of time. This gives them the chance and time to break bad habits and to learn how to avoid maladaptive behaviour.

Our psychiatric therapy programmes ensure that all our treatments are comprehensive, and that the patient receives everything they need in one location. Here we have medical professionals, psychiatrists, general practitioners, occupational therapists, behavioural therapists and additional counsellors ??? as well as all the facilities that the treatment programme will need. This means that there are a lot of professionals with enough time to provide the teen with enough attention and individualised treatment, as well as help them in group therapy situations to communicate better and to form healthier bonds with peers. Often, our group sessions also facilitate better interaction with others and more meaningful relationships.

Because we take a holistic approach to treatment, all the parts of a good recovery or therapy programme are provided. Here we focus on bringing more control over the experiences of the patient, and provide them with a structured environment that feels safe and comfortable. We highly encourage the family or support circle to participate in the programme, in order to learn how to assist the patient once back home.

While there are a number of programmes and residential facilities to choose from, not all of them provide residential psychiatric therapy programmes that are fully comprehensive with a holistic approach. If you are experiencing problems with your teen and you are considering residential treatment, give our team at Beethoven Recovery Centre a call today!

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