Psychiatric Hospital



Psychiatric patients are consulted individually on a daily basis by psychiatrists as well as psychologists. Three compulsory group sessions are presented every weekday. A weekly medical lecture focusing on psychiatric disorders is presented by a psychiatrist.


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Group sessions are presented by clinical and counselling psychologists, a social worker and occupational therapists.

Group sessions consist of:

  • Psycho-social education (Theoretical)
  • Psycho-social skills training (Practical)
  • Occupational therapy (Arts & Crafts, Relaxation, Physical Activities)

Psycho-social Educational groups include subjects such as:

  • Identity and Self worth
  • Boundaries
  • Processes of change
  • Losses
  • Maslow Hierarchy and understanding needs
  • Self-care and nurturing
  • Emotions: Awareness, Understanding and Meaning
  • Skills building: Communication, Conflict Management, Assertiveness, Stress Management