Psychiatric Hospital

The Psychiatric Hospital of Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our recovery centre’s psychiatric hospital is professionally equipped to treat psychiatric disorders such as psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, conversion disorders, mood disorders, and ADHD. We can admit people from the age of 16 and older to our psychiatric hospital and get them the treatment they desire through following evidence-based protocols when treating these psychiatric disorders in a professional manner. Our hospital boasts with the services of a permanent team of professional medics, consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, general practitioners, and registered nurses, continuously taking care of every individual patient.

Our Treatment Programme

We follow a specific treatment programme at our psychiatric hospital, consisting of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach and focusing on the total wellbeing of a patient, emphasising their overall mental and physical health in the process. Our psychiatrists and psychologists will daily consult every patient in the hospital, keeping them up to date with their personal programmes and discussing the next step in their specific journey. Transparency between our medical professionals and the patient about their condition is very important, granting the patient a complete and comprehensive understanding of their specific situation. A weekly lecture on psychiatric disorders is presented to all our patients to inform them about the different types of mental disorders and empowering them to successfully handle their own, or completely overcome it in certain situations.

Apart from the psychiatric evaluation and daily consultations, the programme presented by our psychiatric hospital includes a medical examination by our general practitioner, a daily psychological assessment and individual therapy, group therapy sessions, and occupational therapy which includes music, art, relaxation, skills training, sports and recreational activities like swimming, gym workouts, pool, table tennis, croquet, volleyball, and cricket, to name a few.

In our psycho-social-educational group sessions, we discuss themes like identity and self-worth, boundaries, processes of change, losses, the hierarchy of Maslow and understanding needs, self-care and nurturing, and emotions with regard to awareness, understanding and meaning. We also guide our patients in skills building, specifically regarding communication, conflict management, assertiveness, and stress management. With these, we are focusing on equipping the patient to a life free of the proverbial ties binding them through mental illness, giving them the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest and seize every opportunity being thrown their way instead of their mental illness getting in the way of how they want in life. When it comes to mental illness treatment, time cannot play a factor, as every individual will have to walk their own path and find their way to reintegrate after learning about their specific mental illness.

The road will never be easy for people suffering from any form of mental illness, and at Beethoven Recovery Centre, our psychiatric hospital can provide viable solutions for our patients, whether their mental illness can be completely cured or not. In the end, life will go on and we can provide methods for our patients to embrace their own lives and freely live without the shackles that mental illness can apply. Should you want more information on how Beethoven Recovery Centre’s psychiatric hospital operates and the programmes we implement, feel free to peruse our website for details and images of our premises, or contact us directly with any enquiries and we will answer them accordingly.

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