Psychiatric Help in Gauteng

Innovative Therapy Offers Proven Effective Psychiatric Help in Gauteng

As much as one third of the population of South Africa, or around 17 million individuals, is currently affected by clinical depression or some other form of mental illness. Both as a result of our population density and the pressures of life in our two major cities, the need for psychiatric help by those living and working in Gauteng is by far the highest in the country, and while the area is served by a number of specialist clinics, mental disorders remain on the increase and the need to provide more qualified support is growing in parallel.

It???s not all bad news, however. There has been an important breakthrough in the approach adopted by many therapists for treating these conditions and in many cases, its practices are proving to result in a substantial reduction of the time normally taken to assist patients to resume a normal life. Knowns as integrative psychotherapy, it is not a new concept and neither is it a single one. Like many other new ideas, it has taken time to be refined, as well as to gain acceptance by therapists who have long held differing views.

The adjective ???integrative???, in this context, applies to two areas of unification. Firstly, the amalgamation of selected, evidence-based therapies into a tailored programme based upon individual patient profiles. Secondly, it refers to the effort to re-unite dissociated aspects of personality into a cohesive whole. Evidence has shown this to be among the most effective forms of psychiatric help available today.

Although perhaps rather more evident in Gauteng, the increase in mental health issues has affected South Africans across the nation. Much of this increase can be directly attributed to the combined effects of the transition, to an unaccustomed democracy and a global financial recession from which the country???s economy has been slow to recover. Joblessness and debt have led to drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, domestic violence and, ultimately, to the breakdown of relationships. At the same time, an increase in crime, frequently of a violent nature, has resulted in many of its victims being left in the grip of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and unable to cope with the demands of daily living.

Mental health issues are not confined to adulthood, however. Among the pressures now facing children and young adults today is cyberbullying that instils fear and destroys their confidence. In addition, it is not uncommon to find that the majority of learners in a class are receiving treatment with Ritalin, often inappropriately, in order to manage the condition known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Fortunately, world-class psychiatric help is available to those living in the province of Gauteng. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers service both for those with mental health issues and for those affected by addiction. Set in the shadow of the Magaliesberg and close to the Hartbeespoort Dam, our centre offers a safe haven, comfortable accommodation and extensive recreational facilities in parallel with personalised programmes based on the integrative practices described above.

Individual and group therapy sessions conducted by experienced therapists act to restore self-worth and confidence, while other treatments and activities provide the spiritual and physical support that are now seen as an essential component of psychiatric help to promote the return to overall health.

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