Psychiatric help close to Pretoria

Mental disorders in a nutshell

Mental illness becomes visible in deviant behaviour patterns like depression and anxiety, mood swings and excessive anger, violent behaviour, confused thinking resulting in delusions and hallucinations, as well as eating disorders. There are 3 common factors, among others, that can be seen as the origins of these types of illness. First, something dramatic could have happened in the person’s life, having a disastrous effect on them. Second, extreme stress at the workplace or in the family could have led to the development of a specific mental illness. Third, a traumatic illness like cancer or a heart attack that could have dire consequences on that person’s life can also be a trigger to mental illness development. People suffering from mental illness may seek psychiatric help, and if they live in Pretoria, Beethoven Recovery Centre can be of service to them, with our facilities being remote from the city, but still close enough for accessibility.

The harshness of a mental disorder

It is highly recommended that people suffering from a treatable form of mental illness should seek psychiatric help for their own beneficial reasons. Certain mental disorders can be treated, depending on the kind of disorder, as well as the willingness of the patient to overcome it. A few mental illnesses can be cured with psychiatric treatment, while others can be treated to help the patient to live an adjusted lifestyle that suits them and is effective in their daily routines. When the patient suffers from an incurable mental illness, regular and ongoing psychiatric treatment can lead to the patient developing a firm grasp on it and learning how to deal with it so that the illness does not affect their regular daily routines or disrupt their lives completely. Therefore, it is crucial for a person to choose the ideal psychiatric help for their situation, and this is where Beethoven Recovery Centre can be of service for the greater Pretoria and Johannesburg areas.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

When being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, you would usually choose the one closest to home, provided that it is a good hospital that will meet the needs of a psychiatric patient to the fullest possible extent. In Gauteng, the Beethoven Recovery Centre, located just outside Pretoria, is a very good choice for those living in the area. We have highly professional personnel who are able and willing to help and treat every patient with dignity and integrity, as we are situated in a calm and tranquil area that is not only close to Pretoria, but also remote from the busy city life to add to the healing process of our patients.

Our well-designed programme for psychiatric treatment

Any person of 16 years and older can be admitted to our psychiatric hospital, providing a viable option for those living in Pretoria and the greater areas of Gauteng. At our hospital, we use an internationally acknowledged programme based on the bio-psycho-social-educational programme. This programme assesses the biological, psychological, and social elements in a person’s life that may cause a mental illness to develop. This assessment leads to conclusions and solutions, and these lead to a uniquely-built programme for every patient. For more information, please peruse our website or contact us directly today.

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