Psychiatric Care Unit

Psychiatric Care Units Defined

A psychiatric care unit provides psychiatric care to patients who suffer from mental illness. A mental disorder is an abnormal medical condition on a physical, emotional, or psychological level, which is the result of abnormal emotions and thinking patterns that are present in the affected person. This relates to, and disturbs their behaviour system, including their thoughts, perceptions, cognition, and moods. The condition can be a direct result of physical biochemical imbalances, physical diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Certain genetic factors or high stress levels can also be related to the development of a mental illness. This type of behaviour can and will be recognised by people in daily direct contact with the person suffering from a mental disorder. Therefore, when such behaviour is identified, friends and family can start working towards a positive solution, one of which is psychiatric care.

The Psychiatric Care Unit at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre has the services of a very effective psychiatric care unit at its disposal. This unit is available for patients of 16 years and older and gives them quality care and guidance. We focus on our patients and always put them first – having no form of discrimination that can alienate a patient from our programme and the opportunity to find a way to a healthy state of mind. Our psychiatric care unit features a professional team of medical personnel that are willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate every patient’s requirements during their time with us. This team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, general practitioners, and registered nurses. Our team is highly professional and recommendable to work with patients in need of psychiatric care.

An Effective Programme

The world-renowned programme we employ at our psychiatric care unit is of distinguished quality and adaptable to every patient’s individual requirements. This programme utilises the bio-psycho-social-educational approach with which we guide and empower every patient in a unique way to take control of their mental disease and their life. The most important object in this process is the patient. The programme is flexible to adapt to the unique circumstances of every individual and their specific illness. The patient always comes first at our psychiatric care unit. As a result, we give our patients the opportunity for self-reflection and self-healing. If they choose to do so, our programme will provide a helping hand to find a way to a healthy state of mind. From there, the patient is guided and equipped to reintegrate into society and their daily routine.

Leisurely Activities

In many psychiatric care units, the patient is limited by the environment and the premises. In most cases, their surroundings do not allow any solace to promote the healing process. Instead, they find themselves surrounded with the hustle and bustle of city life. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we approach this differently. We are situated outside the city of Pretoria but still close enough for people living in the city to easily access our premises, located in the heart of nature, at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains and close to the Hartbeespoort dam. Our premises feature lovely gardens and a collection of extramural activities for our patients to enjoy during their time at our psychiatric care unit. A well-equipped gymnasium, soccer field, and volleyball court are only a few of the activities we offer our patients when the programme has concluded for the day.

More Information

Our psychiatric care unit offers a comprehensive programme that empowers and equips our patients to give them an opportunity to find a healthy state of mind and take control of their life once again. People suffering from certain types of mental illness will have their life choices influenced by their disorder. Therefore, it becomes a continuous struggle to face such an illness on a daily basis. Our programme and serene environment provide a haven to promote self-healing and reflection. Here, the patient will be guided and equipped to understand and deal with their mental illness in the most effective manner. This can result into a clear path to a healthy mental state, where the patient takes control over their disease and their life choices.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a fully-equipped psychiatric care unit to provide care for those suffering from mental illness. Please contact us directly with any further enquiries.

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