Psychiatric care unit

A Psychiatric Care unit that really cares

When thinking of the ideal place where one can find a psychiatric care unit, a few things come to mind. According to statistics, most patients are looking for a steady environment, friendly personnel, and a hospital or unit with a good reputation. As a blatantly obvious requirement, such a place should be bathed in tranquillity – away from the busy city life with no pressure or rush from a busy daily routine. As a result, people who are admitted to a psychiatric care unit should not have to be reminded of their previous lives in any form, as that led to them seeking the necessary help they require to reach a healthy state of mind before getting back to a demanding modern lifestyle.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a psychiatric care unit that functions outside of the city life in Gauteng. At our centre, we focus on the patient and not their outward appearance. To these people, we want to provide an “effective, integrative, quality, and evidence-based programme and service without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, creed, colour or sexual orientation”, according to our mission statement. As a result, our patients are not judged on who they are as people, with the focus shifting to the reason for them being admitted rather than the things that might have happened because of it.

Our focus is on the patient

Our patients receive priority, resulting in us following a model with high intensity that provides answers to the needs of every individual patient. This model is the bio-psycho-social-educational approach that focuses on understanding the illness of a patient and guiding that specific individual to not only get a firm grasp on their illness, but also have the opportunity to get themselves to a healthy state of mind. We also educate and inform our patients on an emotional level to work on coping with their disorder as best as they possibly can. The patients will find that every aspect of their lives is addressed, since their disorder could have originated from a mixture of all these negative factors in their lives before being admitted to our psychiatric care unit.

The Location

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a psychiatric care unit that is situated outside of Gauteng – away from the busy and demanding distractions of city life. We are located in Hartbeespoort, offering a tranquil environment that promotes healing and serenity for our patients. As it is accessible to most people living in Pretoria, our premise is not only effective, but also opens the necessary space between what can be described as organised chaos and much-needed solace. Beethoven Recovery Centre is focussed on helping and healing, with our remote location from Pretoria adding to the process for giving our patients the necessary means to find a way to a healthy mental state before having to return to their lives again.

If you want more information about our psychiatric care unit and the relevant treatment programme, feel free to peruse our website to find detailed information and images. Please contact us for any further enquiries, and let Beethoven Recovery Centre be your place of healing.

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