Psychiatric care unit

The mission statement of Beethoven Recovery Centre

One of the obstacles we experience nowadays in our country, is prejudice and discrimination on various levels ??? serving to prevent a person from getting help and the necessary care they need ??? as people are fearful of being judged or mocked at. Another obstacle is bad service delivery, like those being exposed in the media a while ago. At Beethoven Recovery Centre no-one will experience this kind of behaviour towards them, which makes the stay and treatment much easier and more inviting for all.

To support and understand the passion of our people at the centre, it is important to take heed of the following mission statement: The primary mission of the Centre is to provide an effective, intensive, integrative, quality and evidence-based programme and service for individuals, without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, creed, colour or sexual orientation. When you or one of your family members or friends think of Beethoven Recovery Centre, this comforting statement must jump to mind, especially with reference to our psychiatric care unit.

Our psychiatric care unit

At this unit we take care that all our patients are treated with dignity and integrity so that they can retain their human dignity. The model that we follow is the bio-psycho-social-educational approach, being derived from, and added to the biopsychosocial approach in which the importance of understanding human health and illness in its fullest context is emphasised. In this approach, the biological, psychological, and social factors, together with its complex interactions, serve as a way to understand health, illness, and health care delivery, and are systematically considered. Methods for emotional education are added to this to make the patient whole and healthy again. This includes a holistic-spiritual approach where the professionals examine all the facets of a person???s life, as it is a mixture of these facets that have caused the person to end up at our psychiatric care unit.

This unit boasts with constant and continuous psychiatric supervision, delivered to the patients in compliance with international rules and regulations.

Our professional personnel

It is important for a person who wants to be admitted to our psychiatric care unit to know that the relevant professionals will take care of them. That is why Beethoven Recovery Centre has obtained the services of full-time psychiatrists, counselling and clinical psychologists, general practitioners, registered nurses, case managers, a social worker, an occupational therapist, and a physiotherapist. These professionals are employed mainly to support and care for our patients ??? prioritising their healing and well-being.

A therapeutic programme

At the psychiatric care unit of Beethoven Recovery Centre, we went the extra mile to make sure that our patients are taken care of in the best professional way. This is the reason therapy takes place according to a well-planned programme. This programme includes a medical examination and psychological assessment and consultation, as well as a psychiatric evaluation and follow-up of all our patients. Treatment plans are created and implemented on an individual basis with individual therapy. There are also group therapy sessions, followed by art and music therapy, with sports and recreational activities for social interaction. The aim is the betterment, healing, and well-being of each patient on an individual basis, as well as forming part of a group of people.

Admission and accommodation

On admission to the psychiatric care unit, the patient will undergo a medical examination, as well as a laboratory blood and urine evaluation, followed by an orientation, all done by a general practitioner and other professionals. Added to this professional treatment, are high-quality rooms at the disposal of the patients, as well as three nutritious meals per day, and snacks with coffee or tea during the mid-morning, mid-afternoon and late evening.

Psychiatric care is at your disposal

Beethoven Recovery Centre is the place where you will be assisted with integrity in a dignified way, by being supported and led to heal so that you can look forward to a healthier future. Our website contains all the necessary information on our programmes regarding psychiatric care. You will also find our phone numbers and e-mail address there, should you like to contact us in person or in writing. Please do not hesitate to step in and help someone you care for, even if it is yourself. We guarantee a wonderful and welcoming experience, with the best care for you to recover or rehabilitate completely.

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