Psychiatric Care Facility

A Remotely Located Psychiatric Care Facility near Gauteng

Mental health awareness is pivotal, especially in the South Africa that we live in today. It can be quite easy to simply give in to depression and/or loneliness, and although these emotions are only emotions, you must be vigilant to distinguish between a fleeting emotion and a possible mental disorder. It might come as a surprise to most people, but certain mental disorders can develop as a result of experiencing a traumatising and/or life-changing event and can also be caused by behavioural patterns. If you are looking for a remotely located psychiatric care facility that offers professional treatment for mental disorders, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer.

Offering a Peace of Mind

Mental disorders have a noticeable impact on people that are affected by them, altering their mood, behavioural patterns, social interactions, or decision-making ability. Some mental disorders are genetically inherited, while others are berthed by events or behaviours. Although people like to throw around stereotypes and generalise people suffering from mental disorders, no matter if such a collective features completely different types of mental disorders, the fact of the matter is that mental disorders can be destructive for the individuals suffering from them. Therefore, our psychiatric care facility offers a peace of mind that you will receive professional treatment without the daily distractions.

How Do We Approach Psychiatric Care?

People suffering from mental disorders will often feel stigmatised and embarrassed about seeking professional psychiatric treatment and telling their friends and family about it. Although genetically inherited disorders require recurring and persistent treatment, it is still nothing to be embarrassed about, and should be handled in the same sense as going to a doctor for an annual physical check-up. Every individual is unique and should be treated as such, even when it comes to facing a mental disorder. Therefore, our psychiatric care facility employs a treatment programme that puts the focus on the individual and covers their entire being as opposed to only focussing on their mental illness. The programme is versatile and can be tailored to suit the specific individual to ensure that they can receive the level of treatment that they truly require.

Our psychiatric care facility is staffed with professional medical personnel that are available around the clock to ensure that our patients are in good hands during their time with us. We offer comfortable accommodation for our patients as well, along with a professional chef that prepares 3 meals a day with in-between snacks. We are surrounded by nature, with the Magaliesberg mountain and the Hartbeespoort dam next to our premises. Our surroundings create a tranquil environment where the patient is removed from the busy city and its constant noises, allowing them to focus on themselves and their treatment.

Taking Control of Your Life

Mental disorders such as severe depression and PTSD can be a resulting effect for someone who experienced a traumatising or life-changing event in their lives. Such events include divorce, death in the family, or experiencing a life-threatening event. These types of mental disorders are temporary and can be cured with professional psychiatric care. People suffering from such disorders should not suffer in silence or loneliness and can take control of their lives once again with Beethoven Recovery Centre’s psychiatric care solutions.

In the case of genetically inherited mental disorders, which cover autism, bipolar disorder, and OCD to only name a few, the patient would require frequent psychiatric treatments to ensure that they stay in control of their mental condition and not let it dictate their lives. Once again, having a mental disorder is nothing to be ashamed about, especially when seeking treatment solutions to allow the individual to live a life where they are in control. Our psychiatric care facility can assist people with mental disorders, as we do a complete evaluation of each individual when they are admitted, determining the best possible manner of treatment during their stay with us.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you are looking for a professional psychiatric care facility that is located near Gauteng. Fell free to browse our website for details on our premises and programme, and contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist someone who suffers from a mental illness.

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