Psychiatric Care and Treatment

Mental Health as a Priority

Mental health-related issues are called mental disorders, mental illness, or psychiatric disorders, forming one aspect of mental health. To classify a mental state as a disorder, the mental state needs to cause a dysfunction. It is characterized by a behavioural or mental pattern, causing a person to suffer or to be unable to live life to its full measure. A mental disorder depicts a combination of behaviour, feelings, perceptions, and thoughts of a person.

Psychiatric care and treatment is the specialized diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders related to abnormalities in mood, behaviour, cognition, and perception. The three most common mental disorders for psychiatric care and treatment are depression, dementia, and schizophrenia. Because of the stigma associated with these disorders, and many times, the discrimination of people towards the patients, the disorder just gets worse if not treated correctly, or at all.

The Psychiatric Hospital at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre has a psychiatric hospital with a 24/7 psychiatric and nursing oversight on its premises, admitting people of 16 years and older. This psychiatric hospital is there for the exclusive treatment of mental illnesses, although our physicians are also available to address medical conditions, if necessary. Because we are serious about our services, we provide professional intensive treatment for psychiatric disorders, following evidence-based protocols for the treatment of these disorders.

Our psychiatric care and treatment programme includes the consultation of our psychiatric patients by psychiatrists and psychologists ??? individually, and daily ??? which is added to the three compulsory group sessions per day ??? presented by our clinical and counselling psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists. Every week, one of our psychiatrists presents a medical lecture focusing on psychiatric disorders to keep our patients fully informed and aware. We also specialize in the detoxification of drug and alcohol dependents.

Admission of a person/patient

There are at least three different ways in which a person can be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. First on the list, is involuntary care , treatment, and rehabilitation. This happens when a patient is not able to make their own decision because of a mental health status, or the person refuses health intervention, but really needs it. Unfortunately, Beethoven Recovery Centre does not admit involuntary patients, but will refer them to institutions for the help they need.

Second, is assisted care, treatment and rehabilitation to an individual who is incapable of making an informed decision on their mental health status, but does not refuse health intervention. This mostly happens to someone who is unaware of what is happening around them. The last and best way of admission, is a voluntary admission. This happens when the person who needs psychiatric help, willingly agrees to be admitted for psychiatric care and treatment.

Psychiatric care and treatment

Treatment and care for the disorders mentioned above depend on multiple factors, like the nature and severity of the person???s mental condition and the physical health of the person. The duration in hospital can vary, depending on the person???s specific needs and condition. You will also find that Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a more comfortable and less hospital-like ward for our patients compared to other hospitals.

Admitting someone to psychiatric care and treatment

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers an easy process to admitting a person. Should medical doctors have a patient in need of our services, they can call us directly or give the patient the option to call us on their own. People can also contact us directly ??? without consulting a medical professional ??? should they want to arrange to be admitted and treated out of their own.

Typically, we will have a psychiatrist call and meet the person before admittance to make an initial diagnosis. Once the patient has been admitted, proper observations can lead to an adjustment in the original diagnosis, if necessary.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we are committed to take care of every patient in the most decent and honourable way, making everyone feel at home, and well taken care of. If you still need more information, or you do not understand everything being said here, please feel free to contact us per telephone or e-mail. Please do not keep quiet if somebody you know needs help. Contact us immediately for professional psychiatric care and treatment.

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